Cider Ads

Tie. I. I. I. I’m. Is on my side.
Tie. I. I. I. I’m. Is on my side.

That’s the Rolling Stones. And, Mick, I’m sorry to tell you that tie I-I-I I’m is definitely not on your side. Mick, you’re pushing seventy. Get a grip. If you want a role model for being cool at your age, you need look no further than Leonard Cohen. Of course, how many of us can be Leonard Cohen? One of us, that’s how many, and the job is taken.

You could be Rod Argent, but nobody knows who the fuck he is, except the Bulmers advertising wonks. Time of the Season. Great song. It would be a great song even if it didn’t have “time” in its title. I tell you what – the Zombies were a great fucking band although admittedly nobody ever listened to them. But is this going to start a speculative rush? A new market in busted-flush sixties bands who wrote a song with the word “time” in its name somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Cider Ads

  1. When are we going to polish the copper?????????


    If it takes one man twenty minutes to drink a pint of full strength Guiness and that same man takes the same time to drink the pussy version, how long will it take before he gets fed up and drinks Beamish???????

    Over to you Bock

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