Feng Shui

You know Feng Shui? Of course you do.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about Feng Shui. I want to talk about the fucking eejits who correct your pronunciation of “Feng Shui”.

You must have got this shit: “Oh, it’s actually pronounced Fung Shway, y’know”.

Is it really? Well, I think we all agree the Chinese don’t use the western alphabet. They use their own pictogram system. So if it’s really pronounced “Fung Shway”, why do we write it “Feng Shui”?

Is it so that smug South-Dublin half-wits can look down on fully-evolved people? I think we should be told.

And while I’m on this particular rant, why do we all suddenly have to call Bombay by a new name: Mumbai? Isn’t Bombay our name for it? I mean, if we were going to be consistent about this and only refer to places by their local names, we’d be talking about Kobnhavn, Roma, München, Moskva, Praha, Beograd, Venezia.

Hello, is that Aer Lingus? I’d like to book a flight to Suomi.

What kind of shite is this?

And I never liked Beijing Duck.

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