Losing hearts and minds

Today’s hilarious episode of the Morris Tribunal brought us Sgt John White’s testimony, in which he revealed a deep understanding of human emotion.

Evidence had been given earlier that Mrs Brolly was shouted at by two male detectives to “fucking stand up” because she was looking “too comfortable”.

Sgt White confirmed that this had happened, and that he had violently knocked the chair across the floor.  He confirmed that she had been threatened with losing custody of her children, had her hair pulled and was subjected to crude sexual references.  He also agreed that “the prisoner”, as he insisted on calling Mrs Brolly, was wrongfully imprisoned and utterly blameless.

Under repeated questioning, however, Sgt White was unable to see why a woman in such circumstances would feel threatened by two men shouting and swearing at her to “stand up, you fucking bitch”.  According to Sgt White, treating any prisoner, man or woman, like this, is normal behaviour in our police force.

These, may I remind you, are the same people that rape victims have to approach in order to make a complaint. Very reassuring.


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