Oh we’re off to Dublin on the train, on the train

Smug self-satisfied moment coming up.

My very good friend Dickler delivered the goods in two tranches yesterday and today. One for The Bullet, a schoolboy ticket, and one nerve-frayingly late entry-voucher pour moi. Thank you Dickler. Thank you. Thank you again. Thanks. Thank you. Woooo Hoooo!!!!

Now we have a big decision. Do we rush home after the game, or stay the night. Did you hear that gobshite mayor of Limerick urging people not to stay in Dublin on census night, because it would reduce the official population of Limerick? Oh fuck off. Gimme a break. Isn’t it awful, in smallish places like Limerick, what parochial, small-minded gits manage to slither into public office? And not-so-smallish places. I need only think of the pricks that took over Dublin County Council and for years enriched themselves by passing Section 4 resolutions in return for cash.

This is straying a long way from wooo hooo. Let us return to Planet Rugby, and I’ll tell you one thing: whatever the pundits say, there’s no way Cardinal Cathal Daly would have the pace to outrun an international full-back in the modern game.

3 thoughts on “Oh we’re off to Dublin on the train, on the train

  1. So pleased for good old Bock that he acquired the hens teeth for the match. And the fact that he is getting the train…what a great relief for this inveterate drunkard. Its quite distracting listening to miserable old Bock lamenting the demise of community in the Great Hibernian Metropolis and how the glorious Byzantine citizenry of Limerick shine like beacons in the darkened land of Eire..(apart from the tinkers, the officials and the scobes that is..). Speaking of all of the above, I do hope Grumpy old Bock did not read Matt Williams assessment of the two locks, O’Connell and O’Kelly, in yesterdays Times. No doubt, sadly blinkered Bock will see it as a put down of all decent,hard working Limerick folk – implying as he does(Williams that is, that O’ Kelly has culture, manners, finesse and unbearable beauty, whereas O’ Connell is ..well, big and thick.
    You may be wondering how I managed to read the article, what with all the drinking and that…well if you look hard enough there is always that window of opportunity in between drinks.

  2. Well, Wrinkly Paddy. Is it really yourself that’s in it? I certainly did read Matt Williams’s article yesterday, and I was very impressed with the information that Malcolm has not one, but two, masters degrees. That should be a huge help to him on Sunday: he can be reading a book while Paul O’Connell is chewing off his leg.

  3. MattWilliams, what a plonker. Isn’t this the same Matt Williams that “led” Scotland during their disasterous run over the last few seasons. He obviously does not understand the celtic warrior spirit. He probably had the poor old scots doing crochet to get in touch with their feminine side instead of eating babies washed down with a nice single malt. He also said of Gerry Flannery that he couldn’t throw, I think he said he could not hit a barn door. Why does he have that silly grin! I am getting very angry…. Grhhhh.

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