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America exists because the English and the French killed all the local people and took over their land. Isn’t that obvious?

Fair fuckin play to them. If there were enough Irish, we’d have killed a load of local people somewhere and we’d have taken over their land too.

People are complete bastards, but European people are the worst bastards of the whole lot, and if we Irish didn’t have to contend with the neighbouring bastards, we’d have been out there, being total bastards just like all our other European neighbours.

Can you just picture it? The Irish Congo. Irish Guyana. Perhaps even the Irish Commonwealth, if you could imagine such a thing. Isn’t it an amazing concept: a network of nations across the entire globe, united for a common economic good, and at its centre a country where they can’t even treat people in hospital. I think that’s fuckin great. We patronise these wonderful eastern European people who come to work in our country temporarily. These people who can speak many languages (unlike us), who clean up after themselves (unlike us), who care that a job is done properly (unlike us), who believe in honesty (unlike us). I drove through Limerick last night, during the excellent Riverfest, but I have to tell you that I was saddened by what I saw outside the city centre. At the top of Hyde Road, I saw a huge pile of plastic objects on a bonfire, including a wheelie bin. A wheelie bin? Why? I saw three supermarket trolleys on the fire, even though they don’t burn. I saw small children running around the fire, without supervision. Where are the adults? Worse, do the adults have the slightest idea what’s right or what’s wrong? I suspect not. I suspect that areas like Weston have been taken over by total idiots, and the decent people have either been driven out or intimidated by the arsehole faction: the underclass.

So, going back to the matter of the immigrants, let me ask you this: which of us has the advanced society? Celtic tiger my arse.

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I know a painter who employed three Polish guys because he had no one else to work for him. They were recommended to him by an employment agency and diddle hi diddle ho they arrived. One could paint like Van Gogh, the other was 47 (so he must be good), and the third painted one half of the front room on Monday and came back to paint the second half on Wednesday. The line he left on the wall was as straight as a Polish Catholic.

Hey there, Gull. Glad you could drop in.

What was the story with the Polish guys? Were they all together or did your buddy employ one after the other? Also, how straight is a Polish Catholic? Would this be a metric Catholic?

You raise an interesting point, which deserves a blog entry of its own, so thanks for raising an issue, and do please come back here. All input is welcome, including people who disagree with Bock. (Except personal abuse and bullshit, on which Bock is the sole arbiter and reserves the right to reject comments as he sees fit, in his immense wisdom).

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