Roadblock – Irish Style

I’ll come back to this subject another day, cos I’m too tired now, but I just want to mention one thing: this bizarre incident in Dublin, involving the stolen bus. Like everyone else in the country, I was shocked and horrified to hear that an innocent poor woman had been killed, and the situation deserves some respect, so I’m not going to say any more about that aspect of it.

What I would like to know more about, however, are the standard operating procedures of the Garda Siochana in such incidents. I was told today that the Guards set up a barricade using their own squad-cars. This makes sense. They knew the bus was coming and they were going to stop it even if it meant losing a couple of cars. Fair enough. Good thinking, boys. But it seems that, having set up the barricade in the path of the bus, it never occurred to them that maybe they should stand clear. No. It seems they sat inside the cars and waited for ten tons of careering metal to slam head first into them. “Oh Jesus, PJ, look! It’s a high-speed stolen bus charging straight at us!!! How the fuck did that happen?

These lads have obviously never seen Vanishing Point.

Somebody please tell me that this report is wrong. Please. Anyone. Please write in and say Bock, you have been misinformed. It’s an evil slander of our fine police force. I hope so. I genuinely hope the report is wrong, because if it’s true, we’re in worse trouble than I ever imagined.

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  1. I think you may be wrong in thinking that the guards set up a roadblock and then sat in the car waiting for the bus to arrive (they were lucky that four buses didn’t arrive at the same time). I gather from radio reports that they were weaving across the front of the bus trying to slow it down. When the bus seemed to slow they swerved across the front of it and came to a sudden halt, hoping that the bus would then stop. Unfortunately, Peter put his foot on the gas, not giving the guards time to evacuate the vehicle.

  2. Well that’s a little better than what I heard yesterday, but still disturbing. They swerved their car in front of a bus? You’d have to give them a limited certificate, wouldn’t you? Full marks for guts; no points for brains.

  3. You may be interested to know that a bewigged gentleman of the courts shares your frustration about how the Gardai handled this Bock. Known as “Darth Vader” or “The Prince of Darkness”, (yes you quessed it, the same man is not known for his gentle nature), told me he was annoyed that the Gardai shot at the wheels of the bus when they should have shot the driver. Shoot to kill, he says their is no other way. I am inclined to agree! Our Gardai are afraid to use lethal force against criminals, scumbags or psychos. They don’t want to end up at a Tribunal justifying their position. QJS

  4. Jesus, hats off to the guards on this one, unfortunately a massive thumbs down for training and equipment.

    Apparently after the blocks didn’t work, stinger units were deployed(Those spikey strips that kill your tires, good thinking? No?) The problem with was that they were designed purely for small vehicals(shopping trolleys, skateboards, mini metros, etc…) and the bus just rolled right over them without missing a beat. Even when the plain clothes relished in breaking out the shooters the bullets just bounced off the tyres. Not only did P.J. loose the hard-on he usually gets for popping off a few rounds in public, but he realised maybe they ought to be equipped with something that wasn’t bought surplus off the third reich… At least they got to give your man an awfull hammering.(Anyone see the picture in the paper today?)

    -Wrinkly Joe Jnr

  5. All of which only goes to prove, they couldn’t even catch a bus, let alone a robber! Here’s to you, de bies in blue…

  6. Having failed to evacuate the car, no doubt they evacuated their bowels when they saw the buzz bearing down on them.
    “PJ, there’s a buzz coming”
    “I know TJ, they’re like policemen, you don’t see one for ages then two of the fuckers come together”
    ” Shag it PJ, I told you there’s a fucking BUZZ coming, move the fucking car”
    “Shag you TJ, I’m listening to the radio”


    The buzz cocks

  7. Shoot to Kill? If you gave that order they’d aim d’uzis down the N7 and the petrol pump attendant in Kill service station would be singin’ the skies are fulla lead..
    You couldn’t give them fuckers an order like that in a public place. Shoot the bus-driver? they’d shoot all the civilians and say they were out-of uniform bus drivers drawing the out-of-uniform allowance. Shoot the fucker? they’d open fire on their own sergeant.
    D’ya see the dilemma?


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