Wrinkly Joe speaks

Joe sent an email about the Kilkenny trip. I thought I might share it with you:

Friday night was bad, first time playing with the drummer, his electronic kit and a small indifferent crowd. Saturday night was worse. We were playing in the Springhill Hotel
which is about 2 miles outside the city and most certainly not on the walking route. There was a hick wedding on there and when we arrived it was between the meal and the start of ‘de afters’, so the bar was full of shrill over dressed country girls and thick-necked cunt-faced bogmen, neither of which could give a shit about the band in the corner except to complain about the noise. As the evening went on they all gradually drifted out to the wedding and left us (almost) alone in the bar. We ended up playing to about ten people, three of which were our wives. When it ended and we sat down to have a few pints, the barman tried to steal my guitar and someone stole the hubcaps off the bass player’s car.

Not a pleasant evening !!

I was not really looking forward to Sunday’s two gigs but as it turned out, they were absolutely amazing. The drummer had switched to a ‘normal’ kit and was , by now, familiar with the set. Because the venue was on the walking route people were actually waiting for us when we were setting up the gear. We tore into them with the minimum of mistakes and it really worked. Sunday afternoon in a packed pub with the entire pub screaming for more was the experience we went to Kilkenny for. Sunday night was just as good. So, overall, it was a positive trip, did a lot for the confidence of the band.

So there you have it. Life on the road for a Wrinkly Romeo.

2 thoughts on “Wrinkly Joe speaks

  1. Oi!! Write your own fucking material and stop cogging mine !! Lazy cunt !!

  2. You see?

    You see?

    Now. This is what I have to put up with.

    And you probably thought that being Bock was all embassy receptions and beautiful female spies. Well, ok, it is. But there’s also the Wrinkly Joe factor. And as for Wrinkly Paddy – well, what can one say?

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