Haircut 100

I was intending to just let this go, but I can’t. It’s too good. There’s so much horse-shit going on among all the protagonists in this thing that I have to say a few words about it.

OK. Let’s be direct.

First. The Principal.

This guy is behaving like a complete twat, I think we all agree. A gobshite. I heard his justification on the radio, where he said that he saw his school’s role as preparing the students for the working world, and that nobody should wear a haircut like that to an interview. Let’s just have a small correction. His role is to educate the children, and if he thinks that this is mainly about getting them jobs then he is a very limited man indeed and should not be in charge of any educational establishment. He should be working in FÁS. His school is not an employment agency.

Second. The Issues.

I don’t know what hair has to do with education. Long, short or in-between, what goes on in the head it covers is the important thing. I haven’t seen this teacher and so I’m not in a position to form an opinion about his own hair, but this seems suspiciously like a fetish thing. Any school principal who expends this amount of emotional energy on the subject of hairstyles clearly has a problem, and as I said already for other reasons, should not be in charge of a school, or anything else for that matter, except maybe a tanning salon. This fellow, I repeat, has a problem and needs counselling.

Third. The Venue.

I always thought that the exam hall was rented from the school by the Department of Education for the duration of the exams, and that it was no business of the Principal what goes on there. But lately I’ve heard different views expressed. Maybe one of Bock’s People would provide the definitive statement on this, and in the meantime, I’ll try to find out the legal situation myself.

Fourth. Pamela the Mother.

Ah come on, for fuck’s sake. Here’s what she said to RTE: I begged him to go and he said no. He was going to try and repeat Third Year next year. I see. So who exactly is the adult in this situation? It appears that the fourteen-year-old makes all the big decisions and the mother goes on radio to justify what he decides. His mind just went blank, Pamela says. You know what that sounds like to me? That’s right: horse-shit. Another parent abdicating responsibility and blaming everybody else. So there’s an injustice. Yes, there seems to be, but what’s the important thing? I would have thought the important thing is to get the kid through the exams and deal with the injustice later. Pamela, however, doesn’t see it that way. In all fairness, he said to me, why should he go to Clara? He didn’t do anything wrong, it’s only a haircut. That’s right, Pamela. It’s only a haircut, but he should go to Clara to do his exams, and you can deal with the stupid headmaster another time. He can sit the exams there, and that’s why he should go, Pamela, you fucking idiot. The more I hear of Pamela, the more I’m thinking Thick Chav.

Fifth. The Child.

I wonder what the little fucker was really up to.

2 thoughts on “Haircut 100

  1. Inside the mind of this Junior Cert student as exam time, or time of reckoning approaches:
    * Irish – haven’t a clue, lost the Buntus Cainte book that Mom said would help!
    * English – Not much better, cannot form a sentance. No idea about iambic pentameter although believes the rumour that some group in Limerick don’t care what you write or how it is expressed as long as you “call” it poetry.
    * Maths – Aw fuck!

    Puzzle puzzle – how to get out of reality biting home – I know i’ll act the bollix and get my skinhead haircut. That will drive Nobbo mad and I will be barred from the exams.

    What is strange about this is that this kid has exposed a lot of adults as total prats, which he must now view as a bonus. Perhaps he identifies with Dunnes Stores workers who refused to sell South African oranges and we will soon see on T.V. the world representative of short haired people presenting him with a token of affection, a razor perhaps.

    Next year, he will probably grow a beard. QJS

  2. Have to say that I was a bit puzzled about the venue as well. I’ve heard that if a current pupil sits the examination in the school they are still subject to the rules of the school, don’t ask me why, but it seems that thems the rules. My question would be about people sitting the Leaving Cert. Are they still pupils of the school. Surely when the school term ends, 6th year students are no longer subject to school rules. What a stupid fucking idea anyway. They should be making things easier for students and not adding one more thing to an already unbelievable stressful situation. I heard of a girls school in South County Dublin (where else !) insisting that leaving cert girls wear full school uniform last week, including ankle length heavy skirt and woolly socks.

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