A song about hypochristianity

Johnny sent me this from the States. You might enjoy it. I hope it offends somebody.

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Forgive me Bockperson but that aural incendiary device seems to have disappeared. Are you still being tagged by haliburton or even richard burton or better again, emma bunton? You did go out with all of the aforementioned in a previous existence? If not then I shall sack all my sources or possibly source all my sacks…oh dear, it’s getting difficult again.

It’s all right, my wrinkly friend. The feed is temporarily out because went down on me. I hope they’ll come back soon, after they’ve done whatever tweaking and twiddling they need to carry out.


Thanks bock for that amazing american, who the fuck is he. Sure cheered me up. Now I know you touched on it but isn’t this airport panic last week looking just that little bit fishy as time goes on. So it’s okay to carry hand luggage now..i guess milk is back on the menu for the wee tots. Why is it alright now? Well, by now it has been established that “The West” is under threat again…so dont you forget it. As for those dudes in High Wycombe..well fuck’em..soon they will be forgiven. Damn it to hell but it stinks,Bock.

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