Limerick Travellers Development Group

No. I haven’t suddenly become illiterate. I omitted the apostrophe from the title because the owners did so and I want to respect their right to leave out apostrophes if they wish. It’s probably part of their culture and we couldn’t be disrespecting people’s culture, could we? Of course we couldn’t.

Now, let me be plain. I’m writing this at a time when a crowd of people parked caravans on the land adjacent to the Parkway roundabout. I don’t know who they were, though some were obviously English, judging by their registration plates. These people all had new cars and new jeeps, leading me to think that they were probably not poor. How do I deduce this? Well, I’m not poor, but I couldn’t afford an ’06 Pajero, for example, and therefore anybody who can afford one is better off than me. And therefore not fucking poor. QED.

These not-fucking-poor people parked on the land of the former Dillon’s garage and for weeks used the neighbours’ gardens as toilets. I’m talking about people shitting in your garden every day, just so we can be clear about the details here. People shitting in your front garden, ok? Got the picture? Steaming turds?

And what do you think the Limerick Travellers Development Group had to say about this? Well, it seems the City Council are to blame for not providing transient accommodation so that these people can maintain their traditional way of life.

Let’s examine this. Let’s suppose for a moment that the City Council should provide free accommodation so that wealthy people can go on their holidays for free. OK. Let’s accept that for now. The City Council were wrong, and they didn’t provide accommodation.

So, here come the travellers. Do they say, fuck, the City Council didn’t provide us with free accommodation, and that means we can’t camp here? We’ll have to go home cos there’s no place to camp for free.

No. They said, OK, we’ll just shit in people’s gardens and make it their problem instead of ours. We’re entitled to our holidays.

Now, let me point out to you that the local people also have a history and a culture that need to be respected. It involves having a shit-free house and being free from disease. I wonder if somebody will set up a development group to vindicate their rights?

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