Obesity epidemic

I saw a news item last night in which somebody said that the great new epidemic now sweeping the world is obesity. It seems that in every country of the world, people are getting fat , and apparently this is going to cause huge medical problems for them.

OK. So far so good. This is going to cause medical problems for the fat people. Got that.

Then the report went on to say that, in Britain alone, it would cost £4 Billion a year to treat the problems caused by this epidemic. What? Why? They’re losing me now, because I’m nearly certain they just said there were going to be big problems for the fat people. Checking back for a moment here, blah blah blah . . . Yup! There it is. Big problems for fat people. But hold on. Now they’re saying it’s going to cause huge problems for ME!!

It seems that fat stupid fuckers can stuff their stupid faces in MacDonalds till their elasticated pants fall apart like the Hulk and their piggy children with forty chins can lie around all day eating chocolate Fat-Fuckers, and when these morons get heart disease and diabetes, who’s going to pay for them?

That’s right. Me. And you. And all the other idiots.

I have a simple solution to take the burden off the health services here and in Britain and in every other country in the world. Let the fat fuckers stop eating shit, get off their fat arses and go for a walk. Let them stop being fat fuckers. And if they won’t, why not just let the fuckers die? Why should I have to pay for some fool’s stupidity? And anyway, what’s the point of keeping a fool alive?

8 thoughts on “Obesity epidemic

  1. Being a nutritionist I can see your point and have made one similar on my blog. I said a little more mildly of course but nonetheless the same effect. One thing they have started doing in the States is getting physical exams when trying to obtain insurance. If you are classified as obese they make your premium skyrocket. Smokers as well. So it behooves people to drop a few pounds then reapply. This of course doesn’t stop them from ballooning up again, but if they have a weight disease issue I don’t believe it’s covered as much. At least I hope not.

  2. I speak on behalf of the fat fuckers of this world, (being one of this elite band myself only I was there before it even became fashionable), leave us alone!!! Alcoholics and drug addicts cost the taxpayer a hell of a lot more than fat fuckers do. No one has ever crashed a car because they were under the influence of being fat. No one has ever committed armed robbery to feed a food addiction (at least I never got to hear of it if they did and come to think of it maybe I’ll just tool up and go and be the first). Look at the amount of money spent on rehab for drunkies and junkies but do I hear anyone cribbing about that? No, let’s get stuck into the fat fuckers. Fat fuckers of the world unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. In response to the last response:

    I agree with this Cobhwoman on at least one account – the problem of stupid fuckers not being exclusively confined to the fat community, albeit an obvious sign. Anyone incapable of controlling their base consumptive desires deserves no quarter. As to the innocence of fat people, nothing could be further from the truth. The fat condition is a product of sloth and various weaknesses, were we in Soviet Russia as the slogan of the ‘Obese Manifesto’ might suggest, perhaps two years in the Gulags might cure her of that poor sense of wit.

  4. Strange God you have, if you think diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, incontinence, arthritis and asthma are his way of saying “I love you”.

  5. Its important to remember as well that they justify tax increases on alcohol for example on the basis of reimbursing the exchequer for treating alcoholics (and the victims of drink fuelled violence etc). So I, (and you I’m sure), who drink but are not alcoholics, have to pay twice. and of course its all just a pretext, the money just disappears into the “public services” black hole. Just wait for the fat tax on biccies and stuff to appear.

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