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The Sacred Heart under threat.

There’s an article in today’s Irish Times about the decline of B&Bs in Ireland. A worrying article. A deeply worrying article, pointing to a potential collapse in one of our greatest industries.

No. I’m not talking about the B&B industry. That can be done by hotels instead. I’m much more worried about the future of the workers in our sacred-heart factories. What is our sacred-heart industry going to do if there are no landladies? What about the great holy-water-font foundries of our mighty industrial heartland? Will these magnificent powerhouses that made Ireland so great become no more than empty echoing caverns? Their mighty engines never to run again? Weeds growing through the steam-presses that once churned out ten million St Martin effigies a day?

Will we stand for this? Will we allow those workers to languish, those selfless men and women who risked all to make sure that Ireland never ran short of sacred heart lamps?

Is this their thanks, then, in the new Ireland? Get out there, if you have any conscience, and book into a B&B now. Save the Sacred Heart.

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