Two young children were severely burned when three teenagers threw petrol on their mother’s car and set it on fire. The country is convulsed in horror and incomprehension that anyone could do such a thing. Nobody can make sense of it. Everyone is astounded at the sheer unthinking savagery and pointlessness of the attack. The whole country is baffled.

Why? What’s the mystery? These fuckers have been burning cats and dogs since they were four years old. It’s a short step from there to burning children. Listen, it’s about time we stopped all this denial and woke up. It isn’t about poverty. It isn’t about disadvantage. It isn’t about marginalisation. It isn’t about drugs or crime or alcohol or any of the other sociologists’ excuses.

It’s about cruelty. It’s about violent bastards walking around unafraid of the law. It’s about stupid, aggressive, ignorant, arrogant, inbred fucking SKOBES! It’s about generation after generation of thick, stupid knackers having thick aggressive knacker children while the rest of us pay for them.

It’s about time we said no.

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I agree with yout sentiments Bock. Enough is enough. I think it is time to arm the Gardai. I know that Gardai are reluctant to attend at the trouble spots in the City at any time of the day or night. It is hard to blame them when the scumbags have so little regard for life. Refer back to my old mantra “get me my 44 magnum” !QJS

Yes, quite so. No time is soon enough to apply the principle of licencing to children. Before being permitted to breed, proof of ability to support, feed, educate house, clothe and parent offspring would be required. Unlicenced children to be taken for adoption and offenders to be sterilised.
Abolish child allowance, no tax concessions, vat on childrens clothes, charging for education and ban of more than 2 children.

Jesus, Francine! You’re even more extreme than I am. I didn’t imagine any of that shit, but I like the way you’re thinking. Keep going this way and you could become the intellectual powerhouse behind Bockism.

Are you guys for real.. I kind of see some black humour in what you’re saying but it comes across as for real.
If so I find it disturbing and have a sense of pity for you guys.
You are coming across as the type of people who could easily perpetrate or incite others to carry out the very actions you are complaining about.
Try taking off the jackboots.

Joe Turner.
No Blog site…yet

Hey Joe,

Clear thinking out of you, there. Very good.

What I’m hearing from you is “fuck the ordinary people of Moyross, let’s defend the scumbags instead”.

Nice one Joe. Let me ask you something: do you actually know anybody living in Moyross? Or are we working from our course-notes here?

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