Save the Planet:. Spread AIDS

Why are people trying to stamp out disease and famine?

The world is full of people who have more children than they can look after, who won’t use contraception and who never consider the consequences of having huge families. What’s going to happen if we succeed in stamping out disease? More famine, that’s what. Who’s going to feed all these people if they don’t die of AIDS and typhoid and malaria and yellow fever and all the rest of it? Nobody, that’s who. On the other hand, let’s say you stamp out famine. Then what’s going to happen? You’ll have billions of fuckers rubbing up against each other, starting wars and spreading plagues, coughing and spitting on each other. Setting fire to rain forests and filling the planet with IKEA stores and AA Roadwatch accents. Imagine millions of ex-UCD posers saying rain debate and mispronouncing bruschetta, loudly. Sorry – laidly.

Billions of them. Look at what happened to England. For centuries, they had a vicious colonial war every generation or so. For this purpose they bred a brutish and violent underclass, which they then inducted into the imperial armies, ultimately destined to die horribly at Verdun or on the Khyber Pass. They were fucking savage, and they were meant to be so, because they were the very men you wanted at your back if you were facing an army of angry Pashtuns in the Afghan highlands. They sent them here too, and set up garrisons in towns like Limerick and Athlone and Clonmel, and a hundred others. They bred, and their savage genes went into the pool, creating the violent underclass we have in all the Irish former garrison towns. So where is England now? Well, they became selective about who they accepted for slaughter. Nowadays, you need to be able to read and write if you’re going to die on the Khyber Pass, or in the South Atlantic on a flammable warship, or in Basra. The same aggressive, violent men who would have been dragooned in former years are now rejected and, unable to die in glorious battle, have become chavs! With stupid aggressive chav kids. And so the cycle continues unbroken.

Hey listen: don’t blame me. I didn’t breed them in the first place. It was the British Empire, OK? I’m just saying what happened.

So, you you send out battalions of high-powered doctors to prevent illness, and eventually you’ll have billions of eighty-year-olds having wars and plagues and coughing their lungs up on top of each other. Why? What’s the point of saving lives when everybody is going to die in the end anyway? What’s the point of prolonging a miserable life? Look, here we have a planet that’s already dying because humans have spread like a virus and are killing it. So what do we do? We postpone the death of everybody on the planet, thereby guaranteeing that the whole planet chokes quicker from the infection that is us.

We are the problem, and if Al Gore had any sense he’d be organising death-squads instead of making movies. It would have the spin-off benefit that Al Gore wouldn’t be making movies.

4 thoughts on “Save the Planet:. Spread AIDS

  1. What about using family planning, birth control and as a last resort abortion. The population of certain Europeon countries, as well as Japan, are in the negative, i.e. the given populations are not being replaced. Have you no hope that if we can wipe out plagues and famine we can also limit our numbers?

  2. I can see no hope of people limiting their birth rate apart from the places you mention. As for famine, we’re now facing a new food shortage worldwide.

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