Sex aids

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Sep 132006

I saw these vibrators that were shaped like a tongue and I thought it was just a great idea. They were covered with sticky tongue-like stuff, and when it wore out (for whatever reason) you could buy more tongue-like stuff to slide over the vibrator and make it like new again. I thought this was great. I thought this was the best idea ever.

And then I thought, why not make it better than the best idea ever?

What I thought was this. Why not fit the tongue-like vibrator into a dummy head? What a good idea. A dummy head like you see in shop windows all over the country. But of course, that wasn’t my genius idea. No. I was thinking that maybe you could have latex masks of celebrities to slip over the dummy head. George Clooney. Brad Pitt. Justin Timberlake. Robbie Williams. Sean Connery. Something for every taste, so to speak. Enda Kenny. Ger Loughnane. Mother Teresa, for the minority market.

I mentioned this to my dear friend Warrior Princess.

I was thinking maybe Jackie Healy-Rae, or Paidi O Se

Great, says Warrior Princess, or maybe an Alsatian?

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    This reminds me of the story of when Joan Collins was asked how she held her liquor, her reply; “by the ears”


    Or, in my experience, a golden retriever

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