Criminal responsibility

They changed the system for kids committing crime.

It used to be that kids of seven years could be held responsible for crimes, which was plainly nonsense. That law was passed in an era when nobody cared about children. It was an era when children were sent up chimneys to clean them, or out into fields to work as a man would, and when children of the poorer classes never passed beyond primary school because they had to go out and work in support of the family. It was an appalling state of affairs that children could be treated with such brutality, and that they ended up in institutions whose list carries terrifying echoes of other, and far more sinister camps. Daingean. Letterfrack. Glin. Artane.

Actually, as I’m on the subject, let me just provide you with a list of these fine establishments.Here it is.

Our Lady of Succour, Newtownforbes
St.Patrick’s Industrial School, Kilkenny
St.Vincent’s Industrial School, Goldenbridge, Dublin
St.Conleth’s reformatory School, Daingean
St.Joseph’s Industrial School, Letterfrack
St.Joseph’s Industrial School, Kilkenny
St.Joseph’s Industrial School, Whitehall, Dublin
Artane Industrial School, Dublin,
St. Michael’s Industrial School for Girls, Wexford
St. Michael’s Industrial School for Junior boys, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford
St. Vincent’s (House of Charity) Industrial School for Junior Boys, Drogheda, Co. Louth
St. Vincent’s Industrial School for Girls, Limerick
St. Vincent’s Industrial School, Goldenbridge, Inchicore, Dublin 8
St. Ann’s Industrial School for Girls and Junior Boys, Renmore, Lenaboy, Co. Galway
St. Anne’s Industrial School for Girls, Booterstown, Co. Dublin
St. Anne’s Reformatory School for Girls, Kilmacud, Co. Dublin
St. Augustine’s Industrial School for Girls, Templemore, Co. Tipperary
St. Bernard’s Industrial School for Girls, Fethard, Dundrum, Co. Tipperary
St. Bridgid’s Industrial School for Girls, Loughrea, Co. Galway
St. Colman’s Industrial School for Girls, Cobh/Rushbrook, Co. Cork
St. Columba’s Industrial School for Girls, Westport, Co. Mayo
St. Conleth’s Reformatory School for Boys, Daingean, Co. Offaly
St. Dominick’s Industrial School for Girls, Waterford
St. Finbarr’s Industrial School for Girls, Sundays Well, Marymount, Cork
St. Francis Xavier’s Industrial School for Girls and Junior Boys, Ballaghadereen, Co Roscommon
St. Francis’s Industrial School for Girls, Cashel, Co. Tipperary
St. George’s Industrial School for Girls, Limerick
St. John’s Industrial School for Girls, Birr, Co. Offaly
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Boys, Passage West, Co. Cork
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Boys, Tralee, Co. Kerry
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Girls and Junior Boys, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Girls and Junior Boys, Clifden, Co. Galway
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Girls and Junior Boys, Liosomoine, Killarney, Co. Kerry
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Girls, Cavan
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Girls, Dundalk, Co. Louth
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Girls, Kilkenny
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Girls, Mallow, Co. Cork
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Girls, Summerhill, Athlone, Co. Westmeath
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Girls, Whitehall, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Senior Boys, Ferryhouse, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Senior Boys, Glin, Co. Limerick
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Senior Boys, Greenmount, Cork
St. Joseph’s Industrial School for Senior Boys, Salthill, Co. Galway
St. Joseph’ss Reformatory School for Girls, Limerick
St. Kyran’s Industrial School for Junior Boys, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow
St. Laurence’s Industrial School for Girls, Sligo
St. Laurence’s Industrial School, Finglas, Dublin 11
St. Martha’s Industrial School for Girls, Bundoran, Co. Donegal
St. Mary’s Industrial School, Lakelands, Sandymount, Dublin 4

Do you notice anything about this list? Of course you do. You notice all the saints, and perhaps, like me, you find it remarkable that all these saints should be associated with places where so many of our children were raped by perverts from religious orders.

Now, there’s no doubt about the amount of violence and stupidity at large today among total skobes. But it occurs to me, and perhaps to you, that at least some of this aggression derives from the industrial schools. Saint this that and the other, where the grandparents of the current crop of skobes were locked up, put to slavery and buggered by the fine Roman Catholic clergy of the day.

However, this doesn’t mean that I’ve gone soft or anything like that. The new plan is nonsense. If a kid commits a crime, the cops are supposed to take him to his parents and alert who?

The Health Board. That’s who.

The Health Board.

Listen, the health board can’t even run a health service properly. How are they going to stop children committing crime? I can see the headlines now: Health Board to Tackle Shoplifting!

For fuck’s sake. Make chav parents take responsibility for their kids, just like the rest of us do. How’s that for a radical idea?

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  1. Well listed.
    I have passed a few of those places in Dublin… wonderful property, houses and apartment blocks, has been developed on them in the last decade.
    Many of these establishments were originally funded by public charitable donations or subscriptions. They were then further developed on the back of child slave labour and state subvention.
    Property developers paid good money for the sites and all traces of some of these institutions have been eradicated. But, where has the money gone?


  3. I doubt very much if many of the “current crop of skobes” had grandparents in the Industrial Schools. There’s an implication in it that crime is somehow genetic. It’s no new thing though that people who were detained as children in the above Institutions being labeled as criminal despite the fact that very few of the children detained is these hell-holes were actually tried for any crimes whatsoever.

    Here are figures relating to the detention of children in Ireland in 50s and 60s. The middle column relates to how many children were indicted for some kind of criminal activity. The third column shows the total number of children who were in those Industrial Schools for each year.

    Year —-Indicted ——–Total
    1950 —— 56 ———- 833
    1951 —— 73 – ———789
    1952 – —–70 – ———732
    1953 – —–68 – ———626
    1954 – —–55 – ———551
    1955 – —–54 – ———553
    1956 – —–47 – ———596
    1957 – —–57 – ———572
    1958 – —–63 – ———592
    1959 – —–72 – ———623
    1960 – —–50 – ———608
    1961 – —–69 – ———664
    1962 – —–79 – ———647
    1963 – —–68 – ———611
    1964 – —–70 – ———446
    1965 – —–100 – ——–433
    1966 – —–93 – ———408
    1967 – —–29 – ———226
    1968 – —–24 – ———168
    1969 – —–15 – ———112

    In those places we were treated as criminals and charity case – and the religious orders enriched themselves on our labour and our bodies, and when we left those places we were labeled – and still we are being labeled as criminals despite the mass of evidence to the contrary.

  4. There’s no implication in it that crime is genetic. There’s a statement that crime is often handed down from father to son. Likewise, there’s no suggestion that innocent people locked up in industrial schools were criminals or had criminal grandchildren.

    I think you need to read it again, more carefully.

  5. I have read it again “more carefully” … indeed I read it this time with deliberate slowness and, guess what?, I’ve expanded the quote !

    ” Now, there’s no doubt about the amount of violence and stupidity at large today among total skobes. But it occurs to me, and perhaps to you, that at least some of this aggression derives from the industrial schools. Saint this that and the other, where the grandparents of the current crop of skobes were locked up.”

    And I say again that I doubt very much if many of the “current crop of skobes” had grandparents in the Industrial Schools.

    How could ex-child detainees pass on criminal tendencies to their children when they didn’t have any criminal tendencies to begin with?

    What I read from your piece is crime flowing out of the Industrial Schools (through the child detainees) and into a new generation outside those places. Yet the only criminals in the Industrial Schools system were the religious orders and the Dept. of Education – not the children.

    If some of the current aggression in society derives from the Industrial Schools it certainly doesn’t emanate from the ex-child detainees.

  6. And what I’m trying to say is that, along with the thousands of innocent children locked up under that brutal regime, there must also have been some who had actually committed crimes, and who were further brutalised as a result.

    If none of the people incarcerated in Industrial schools had ever committed criminal acts, I’ll accept the correction, but can you then tell me where they were sent instead?

  7. Amongst the list you will find two places [Letterfrack & Daingean] which “catered” for apparently delinquent children. But all the places named in the list were used for this particular class of “delinquent” children. The reasons used for committal to ALL these Institutions can be found here:

    Also from Letterfrack I enclose a photo of a grave of one boy who died:>

    Now as Letterfrack was used to detain what was described as delinquent children or the children of “ne’er do wells” (this quote from a Christian Brother at the Ryan Commission) it poses the question (to me in anyway) as to what kind of delinquency could little Bernard Kerrigan have been involved in! What terrible crime could this FOUR-YEAR-OLD child have committed to end up in that Institution. Mitching school! Robbing orchards!

    Maybe it’s a blessing he DID die in Letterfrack as God only knows what his offspring would be getting up to now – perhaps they’d be running around with brown envelopes chasing politicians, or maybe they’d be ripping milions off banks ! Why they might even be judges downloading pictures of abused children from the Internet.

    I have dealt personally with 183 people, all former child detainees/former residents of the above Institutions and only ONE of those people (and their families) is “KNOWN” to the police (to use the parlance of today!) – ONLY ONE – and that’s because he’s a sergeant !

    There ARE a couple of former “residents” of those places who became infamous that I’ve read of:

    Martin Cahill and Robert Howard.

    Robert Howard was in Ferryhouse in Clonmel at the same time as Michael O’Brien, the former Mayor of Clonmel who spent eight years inside St Joseph’s Ferryhouse in Clonmel. During Michael’s time in Ferryhouse only four of the children in Ferryhouse were there for some kind of delinquency. Ferryhouse held 180 to 200 children.

    Howard spent three years in Ferryhouse – and went on to become a rapist and murderer. Did Ferryhouse shape him or was he already bad before he went in? What about Michael who went on to become Mayor – did Ferryhouse shape him as well?

    For more on all this area I recommend Paddy Doyle’s website and particularly this page:

  8. Andrew, Paddy Doyle is a friend of mine and his site has been listed here since I began.

    I don’t particularly want to get into an argument with you on this as there’s nothing to be gained from it.

    This discussion isn’t what the post is about, so we’ll leave it at that.

  9. Perhaps not, but didn’t you put forward the question:

    “But it occurs to me, and perhaps to you, that at least some of this aggression derives from the industrial schools. Saint this that and the other, where the grandparents of the current crop of skobes were locked up, put to slavery and buggered by the fine Roman Catholic clergy of the day.”

    And my replies were in response to that.

    That said I will respond to the real point of your post: I remember in 1994 being at a meeting in a town in the North-East part of Ireland concerning an economically and socially deprived area.There was “joy-riding” and under-age drinking in this particular estate. There were many worthies at the meeting and one of them was an ex-nun, another an ex-heroin addict also present were Health Board and Social Welfare representatives. My own presence at this meeting was that I was working on a FAS Community Scheme publishing an 8 page local newsletter in this estate. Also I was asked to take notes at the meeting and write something on this meeting in the newsletter.

    It was typical kind of meeting where nobody really spoke their mind and just spoke the usual trite phrases but when it came to me to speak I suggested, in all innocence, that running a Parenting Course would be perfect ! Well it was just the same as suggesting that we should cut off the balls of bulls and feed them to the children such were the shocked responses from all in attendance!

    The ironic part of this little tale was that out of all the people that were at this meeting I was actually the only person present who actually lived in the estate!

    I would consider Paddy Doyle a close confidant of mine and I’ve had your site listed on my blog since even before you moved to WordPress – and I came to know your site from

  10. Unthinkable what happened to these children at these Institutions, but save a little thought for all the children that were abused in the ‘main stream’ schools and went home to their parents afterwards. Nobody aware of what was happening, and the child thinking that this wasn’t nice, but it must be part of growing up. I was one of these children, and it worries me that there is very little discussion on the subject.

  11. Martin: You’re dead right, and all the kids knew it was going on. That’s why people who claim they only recently heard about child abuse are talking horseshit.

  12. I just found out that my mother (who never talked about her childhood) and her sisters were sent to St. John’s Industrial School for Girls in Birr in 1937 after her mother died. I dread what I will discover as I dig deeper.

  13. hi , just came accross your blog while looking for information on st vincents industrial school o connell ave limerick where i lived for 4yrs approx this time it was not known as an industrial school but had addopted the title of residential home,unfortunately that was the only change ,its nature and character remained exactly the same. during this time i was subject to and witness to many acts of cruelty degradation and humilation which were carried out by a minority of religous and lay people.people who i looked at with awe and fear and who now i regard as pathetic. however my biggest difficulty is not actually with our termentors and abusers but with those people whome i regarded as good or not so bad.were they so blind that they could not see,so deaf that they could not hear or did they simply turn and look the other way. for evil to triumph all that is necessary is that good men do nothing, i dont know who said that but he was a wise man indeed .and all those senior clergy who scurried to protect holy mother church from the excesses of its deivent members like rats in a sewer.theirs is the greater sin.

  14. Christy — Am I right in thinking that nuns ran that place? You’re probably talking about Mount St Vincent school which is still in existence and owned by the Sisters of No Mercy.

  15. yes it was run by the sisters of mercy and is still owned by them. an impressive stone building in o connell ave .i pass it many times every day ,no one would would ever suspect the hidden secrets it hides behind its walls.if stones had a voice they would not talk rather they would weep for the innocent victims who were not delinquent but were simply there as a result of marrital breakdown or as a result of being born out of weddlock. the reasons were varied but none of us were commited by the courts rather we were signed in by relatives who trusted that we would be well looked after. the opposite of course was the case.

  16. Just reading the comments above and felt i had to add to it if its ok with everybody, First id like to tell you i was in Ferryhouse Clonmel from 1978 to 1985 and i can understand the feelings from some people who claim to know what we had to go through every day but you dont know for example you got to go home every day after school to your family we didnt, we had the fear of punishment 24/7 which sometimes getting a beating would take that stress away because living in fear of knowing a beating could come your way at any time for the slighest reason like having your elbows on the table during meals or talking. I am not looking for people to feel sorry for the kids who had to live that life but just us get it off our chests by talking about it. i have never spoken about it until 20 years later and still find those feelings are the same inside even though im much older now.
    I wish i could rid myself of this rage and anger i have against religious orders !

  17. Hi Bock,
    Firstly, I think your site is necessary, brave, loud and needed. I couldn’t have done it or I would have ended up seriously contemplating shooting some of the bastards who did that shit with us.
    That said, for your own peace, sanity and health you have to take a step back from your anger (as my wife says to me sometimes). The shit happened, we have to live with it and realise that all of the f***kers who did it to us are either dead or protected. Shit happens, but sadly not to those who deserve it.

    Take care and thanks,

    Steve H.

  18. Good point Steve and in a way i agree whole heartly with what you said, these bastards are still protected to this day. All the church wants is to protect their money donations and keep up with the brainwashing that things werent asbad as we made them out to be thats the thing that really bites. The general public dont have a fucking clue what really went on in those places, some of my closet friends only found out in the past couple of years that i was one of those kids in the system. Shit happens Steve correct but who are the ones living in nice retirement homes and who are the ones still suffering ?

  19. Hi John,
    My wife (she’s German who grew up in a the very liberal, anti-fascist school system of 1960’s Germany) is often shocked and speechless when I tell her of the sadistic system I (we – you, me, others) went through. My German brother-in-law and his wife (teachers in their late 50’s) were completely shocked by my stories. They said, (to quote) ‘reminded them of the stories of their parents growing up under the Nazis.

    But what really disgusts me about this ‘new’ (oh so new) report is that none of these sadistic f***kers are going to be punished for what they did. THAT is the injustice. Not what they did, but that now they will walk free. The Germans say Zum Kotzen! To translate: ‘It’s enough to make you throw up’. WE WANT JUSTICE! – AND WE WANT IT NOW.

  20. It obviously has been passed back to the victims to get justice.
    My proposal: Name the bas*ards who did these things to you and let them sue for defamation.


  21. Shame I can longer confront the sadist who used to beat my naked ass with a cricket bat, or the physics teacher who gave us electric shocks.

    But somewhen in this universe we’ll met again. Positive!

  22. thats all i want Steve is Justice and the state is still in the control of those evil fucks we call the catholic church all they care about it taking peoples money and mentality.
    i can still picture Bro Barry walking into the A Group Dorm in Ferryhouse and stretching his arms like he was holding a rifle pointing to his next victim, We called him sniper. I can still picture this kid no more than 9 years of age face when he was singled out he went to the sneaked off to the canteen before he had to go to the brothers bedroom and got a knife were he then tried to cut off his own penis so the brother would no longer rape him.
    he was rushed to hospital and the garda never even investigated at the time because the priests told them oh he fell down the concrete steps leading to the A group.
    It was the fear installed in us that was the worse not knowing who was next, the beatings i could handle i learned to block out the pain and kept telling myself it will be over in a couple of minutes that sorta numbed me from within still to this day and i dispise those people for turning me into a man i am today.
    Fuck the money from the redress board its only hush money and it means nothing, Just a few minutes with each priest or brother so i can confront him and tell them what they did and what effect it had on so many children.
    i often think what would i say if i ever did meet them face to face or if i could conrol my rage and anger ,
    easier to say it happend get on with life but id love nothing more than to rid myself of these bitter feelings i have for those people,

  23. Hi John,
    the anger, frustration and feelings of confusion are less these days because I taught myself to think and talk about what happened. Over this is a feeling of… not ‘feeling sorry for them’ but more of ‘the poor, twisted f**kers’,.
    But still, justice MUST be done. Those still alive MUST be named and shamed. They MUST ask for forgiveness. The Church and the Government MUST stop protecting them.
    I remember when I was 14, during class an ‘old boy’ walked into the classroom and punched the teacher right in the middle of the face, then walked out again. It was soooooo hard not to cheer, (but that would have really got us in the sh*t :-).

  24. Thanks Katherine i watched Q&A last night and every single word the ex lord mayor of Clonmel said is correct Money is nothing in all of this what i and a lot if not all want is for the Catholic Church to admit to their wrong doings. I was in the very same school he was in put there by the courts because i mitched from school. Nearly 8 years i was sent away for because of this instead of sitting down to talk to a child that mitched from school because i was bullied. Not a single person from the education board asked at the time why i was mitching instead i was dragged to court and sent to ferryhouse.
    It was a scam between the church and state at them times along with cheap labor as we were used to picking spuds and clearning fields of stones for famers down around the clonmel area.
    Sorry i cannot find it in my heart to forgive these people because you wouldnt treat an animal the way these so called priests did.

  25. hi all, just found this site now,
    having had a very ”rocky”relationship with my mother………….rocky in the sence that when i had my own children i realised how ”inadequate” my own mother was. Shes a great woman dont get me wrong bit there always seemed to be a lil summit missing weather it was the kisses and hugs i showered my children with . but the fact that i study behaviour analysis may have had somthing to do with it…………

    however i have ”’patched things up” with mam. Thank god or who ever ye will……………….but then she told me summit i had always suspected………mam came from a well to do family….due to family ”issues” she landed in the shit hole which was st annes in booterstown………………..she was known as 83 her sister 30…….they were 3 and 6 years old and told their parents were dead……….i have no idea what kind of torture these perverted bastards subjected my mother too…………but i can only imagine..which i choose not to coz ye see, since she told me…..and im the only one of 9 children who knows……she appears really small…………almost the same size as my 8 year old daughter……….. i have an inate urge to protect her and pick her up and cuddle her………………….she wanted an appology…………an appolgy which consisted of 20k!!!!!! sweet jesus and the orphans the woman is 63 they took 63 years of her life and gave her 20k i ask ur bloody pardon but where do these monsters get off?? mam wasnt bothered bout the money……..she just wanted it done close the chapter so we as a family can open a new one…………you know i asked her how she felt and she said……….i have 9 children……and tons of greand children and have never been able to write them a bday card!! bless her the poor woman…………im only so the only family member privvy to this info……………….so in response to the remark crime is gentic………………..crime isn’t……….but the behavious we are shown as children…..stay with us all our lives…………………..and are handed down……….we are ”conditioned”………sure we have all at some stage sounding like our parents………………………….an example…………………………my house when i was a child was run with the percision of a military camp…………6 older children lined up to be washed each morning……….all allocated jobs ect….regemental bed times getting up times ect………………………i never had this as part of my life i came 11 years after my brother….so this is what i have been told…………………my older sibblings are the same ye could eat ur dinner off their floor’s…………………………………….not saying its a bad thing ppl………….im saying its immatating behaiours we have learned..”conditioned” if ye like……… anyone else…….it was good house keeping…but to me it was odd…………………………………like i said this area is my professional feild so i notice things others wouldnt………… i was right too!!

    mam ”settled” yesterday………………………if i could give her one thing i would give her the bastards who make my mother feel like such a failure………………….but i cant… see there all dead…………………… poor mother……..feels like her experiences have had a very negative effect on her abilty to raise her children……….even down to my dad who was a gentle man (he has since passed)…when she was ”released” she was collected by the parents she had been told were dead!!!! the poor kid imagine that effect on ye??? any who she ran to the first man.daddy………………to confom to the ”norms” of the time married him…had kids split up after 25 years……………they got on like a house on fire apart so twas better for all involved……………….none the less a sad tale……………when she tried to tsalk to her mother the oul battle axe, when it became public knowledge about ten years ago gran refused to believe the ”boarding” school was nothing like the tv… was the exact hell hole my mother was in…………………………sad so sad…………………..death is too good a thing for some people torture should be the order of the day!!!

  26. The Health Board is a joke alright, but I’m not sure your solution of holding the parents responsible is currently workable. Parents are not allowed full control of their children, so how can they be expected to have full responsibility? For example, if your son was out breaking windows and burning cars at night, how would you stop him, legally? You cant assault him, you cant disown him, I doubt if you are allowed to keep him locked in the house, so what do you do? Hope that he really, really needs you to drive him somewhere or needs your pocket money, so that you can restrain him with bribery of one sort or another. If we are talking about minors who are committing crimes, the chances are they dont really need you for anything, and dont respect you either.

    And of course, as a society we cant allow parents to have carte blanche, and beat their children to a pulp. And the state taking charge of the kids, well, we’ve all seen how that went. No easy answers to this one as far as I can see. Checks and balances, transparency, and a populace unwilling to turn a blind eye would help though.

  27. I just came across this site. No doubt many may find it strange that after more than 60 years I’m trying to find who I am. I note it says St. Patrick’s Kilkenny Industrial School was for junior boys. Well I have news for you that is where I always believed I started out in life. Then in 2006 I discovered through the Freedom of Information Act I was in fact all of two years old when I arrived there. Why, you may well ask? Well I was a young criminal and had appeared at Dublin DC in Feb 1934. In the column with what charged, it’s entered; receiving alms. The sentence handed down by Judge Cussen was to be detained till age 16 in 1947.
    As for young adults, well I guess at ten it was considered I was old enough to be put to work, and so I was transferred back to the city of my birth Dublin. Yes you guess it, a stretch of six years in Artane. Why no one ever bothered to visit me I still don’t know. Maybe I was tainted by mixing with all the other criminals in St. Patrick’s and Artane. I’ve never found out what trouble the children under two had been up to. I was also guilty of original sin, being left-handed, they cured me of that.
    By the time I was released I was emotionally barren, a social misfit plus my developmental levels were stunted. Like many before me I left for England by the time I was 17 and with my proper name (they called me by a name they decided) I entered the university of the world. I still can’t spell (computers help).
    No doubt it will surprise many that I did OK by retiring in comfort by the time I was 54. I’ve learned so much more than people with a formal education because life is an ever ending process.
    I’m still looking for me! Paddy

  28. Interesting story Patrick Rice.
    I can’t imagine what a 2 year old could have done to warrant being sent away for 14 years.
    You seem to have survived the bad times and as you so rightly say ‘life is an ever ending process’.
    Hope you continue to develop and flourish.

  29. i was in st lawrences in finglas from 82 -85 , im not goin to talk about the abuse i suffered in that shite hole , but i will point out that i came from a respecable family , my father died when i was 10 . my mother suffered manic depression and was hospitalised for years , so the HEALTH BOARD said it would be a better clean safe place for me to be taken out of my loving family setting and dumped at the hands of nasty fucking bastards , they were pure evil , i had 2 older brothers who were only to happy to care for me but as they were under 18 it wasnt goin to happen, i will never ever get over what happened to me in there , i was a heroin addict from 15 to 34 luckily im clean 3 years now and slowly getting my life together ,4 suicide attemts and many “accidental “overdoses later and i still fucking hate myself .

  30. Alan just keep telling yourself you`re not going to let these people grind you down any more and look to the future in a positive note.These people who put us into these industrial schools are living in fear today and will do until they die because the catholic church is seen today for what it really stands for. It was a relief to listen to the ryan report read out on national tv and it proves we were not telling lies that alone gave me a little relief inside because i dont feel that guilt of having done something wrong to warrant to be sent to these monsters.To patrick rice i take my hat off too you for making a success of yourself and showing these f****** that they didnt succeed in totally taking your spirit for life away. What makes me sick when i read the Ryan report was how the Bishops told priests to deny everything and to protect the Catholic churches assets at all costs, To this day when i see a priest with a collar on i feel like going over and punching them right in the mouth but i have learned to control that rage within me and tell myself not to lower myself to their level, I know not all priests are bad but they are part of the system that has caused so much pain to defensless children.All i want is to rid myself of the pain and anger i feel to this day.I wish you all the best of luck in the future and remember every day you smile is a slap in the face to those animals who thought they were doing gods work!!

  31. My nephew spent two years in St. Kyrons Rathdrum in 1968/1969. His older brother and two younger sisters were also there, during the time he spent there the older brother died aged 14 in Dec. 1969. We have absolutly no information as regards what happened, other than one nun rang me and said he had become ill and was sent to Sir Patrick Dunnes Hosp. where he died 2 days later, another nun rang my sister in law and told her he had fallen in the yard. Somebody who attended the school at the time must know something, The surviving brother, now, 40 yrs later has been trying to remember stuff, but would be grateful of any information anyone could give him. Kate Lacey

  32. so ive been paid a few quid from the redress board, do i feel free from this pain now .NO . is my head fucked up still YES. honestly what was the point of all this shit in the first place, i mean whos idea was it to pay a few quid to us poor saps sure that will make everything go away wont it. to be honest with you posters im more angry now than i ever was for one simple reason. my check was from the Education Board , ive got no problem with those incompitent fools. to be honest lack of education was not somthing that would what to make destroy everything around me .i will personally not rest untill im satisfied that the religious orders of this country are publicly brought to book.i feel the way this whole process was handled insults my intelligence.
    excuse the spelling .

  33. Was anybody at St Bernards industrial school Dundrum?My mother spent time there,I’m sure she suffered but finds it hard to talk about it.

  34. I have come to this discussion late. Sorry, Dolores, I cannot help you.
    I am speechless in my admiration for the posters on here.
    Alan your spelling is perfect. You are perfect.
    You were abused by people who were meant to mind you. That was not your fault.
    You have survived something horrendous.
    Don’t let them take the rest of your life.
    Enjoy it, despite those creeps.
    You have been damaged, but you are a perfect human being, worthy of much love and care.
    Take care of yourselve, and let others love you – you do deserve it.

  35. I have just found this website and can feel your pain and anger. My mum was taken at 8 years of age through the courts. On her commital papers it states on the charge ” Having a parent who fails to exercise proper care and control and wandering” That was her crime! My grandmother had died the year previously leaving my garandfather with four children. His crime? He became severely depressed and hit the bottle so they just came in and took the kids. My mum told us of her wonderful childhood totally made up and ficticious and hid everything except the serious mental condition she had been left with. We had no love just care, she couldn’t sustain freindships. My siblings and I grew up thinking she was completly mad. We suffered terible beatings, humilation and scorn. She was totally unable to show or recieve love. After a family argument it came out where she spent ther childhood. I investigated it and was sickened by what she had been subjected to. On her entry papers it said ” A nice agreeable little girl” When they realeased her in to the middle class irish to be a servent she was a messed up psychotic angry young girl. I got her £80,000 damages but she wouldn’t touch a penny of it. A year later she died. Thank god we were able to forgive her before she went. I will never forgive the catholic church or as you bock ,so rightly say the sisters of NO mercy. My mum was in St Annes Lenaboy. My mum called them the sisters of the devil. My mum was no criminal nor her father who died of a broken heart while she was away. Everyone of them bastards who have abused a child should be named and shamed dead or alive, and those alive should face a court. It’s time the hypocritical cathoc church be held accountable. We were taught that when Jesus was dying on the cross he said ” Father forgive them for they know not what they do” The sickos that have abused these kids all knew what they were doing and enjoyed it! We tyhe family of survivors are now carrying the scars and pain of our parents and relatives. RIP mum you didn’t know any different.

  36. I was in st laurences from 1999-2002 fucked in there at 12 and from my own experience they don’t give a fuck I think that place made me worse because I started hanging around with real criminals and doing serious crimes and most the lads I was locked up with are dead or locked up so WTF was it all for it makes me pissed off to see there Still sending kids to the shite hole school for learing crime it is fucking system is a fucking joke.

  37. james your not on your own ,i was in that nut house too.the majority of boys that went tru there got either fckd up ,beaten up or held down.thank god no more kids have to suffer on such a large scale ever again.

  38. James whatever you feel you learnt in there you have come out knowing what is right and wrong. This is a credit to you. They obviously couldn’t break your spirit. You have said most other boys are either dead or locked up, you are obviously a fighter and that is what has helped you survive. Nothing will ever take the pain away from you and also you alan but don’t let them bastards win. You were children, they decided your fate, it was beyond your control. I hope you both find peace and happiness to enjoy your lives. I wish my mum could have had the strength to.

  39. It just shows what a joke the system is there’s still fuck all for kids to do around my eastate jobstown d.24 and surrounding areas all they know is hanging around getting in trouble I feel sorry for the little fuckers because know one gives a fuck and they know it. Thanks for the supportive messages people

  40. I have not been well since the time i found out my father and his family was committed and to these hell holes .My frustration at the absolute insult to fathers memory is that my fathers terror is now mine the pain i feel is the same because of the injustice of not being acknowlegded as a victim and i am here to tell the world my fathers hurt has left its scars on all my family .To those i wish to say alive or dead you have no power over our lives the list of schools should now be treated with the true horor of places of torture we indeed have our own concentration camps where the brutilisation of the innocent was regarded as a fitting punishment for misfortunets may god have mercy on those who have suffered and to my father may you have everlasting peace

  41. just to say
    i know what it was like
    i was abused back in the 60
    i dont go to mas i do not trust priest brothers or nuns
    i got compecation
    still dose not mater i lost my child hood
    i am married 35 yers now will never for get when i told my wife 4 yers a go
    i was in ferry house clonmell co tipp
    thats all i have to say
    thank you dont publish my name

  42. I was in Ferryhouse from 1946 to 1950 and during that period I was Head Boy for the last eighteen months of my stay. During that period we encountered great priests like Father Spellman ,Father Scully , Father Michael Cottrell , Father John Egan. They were good people and did care about the welfare of the boys. As Head Boy I was very much aware of what was going on and I will admit that punishment with the black strap took place for infractions of house rules and so on but I am certain that if sexual abuse took place during that period I would probably have been aware of it. The black strap punishment that did take place was less severe than the beatings with sticks and even the leg of a chair that was inflicted on students by village teachers all over Ireland at that time including a village in Tipperary in which we lived before the death of my father and mother Abandoned by relatives who were in a position to take care of my brother and I we were sent to Ferryhouse..While I have no desire to defend any clergy or layperson who did in a monstrous way sexually abuse helpless children I wish to point out that Ireland as a nation in its desire to deflect its own guilt continues to focus on pointing out the guilt of others and never on the fact that the family of many of these children were abandoned by family and society. This on going deflection of guilt reminds me of the German nation after World War 11 in which they blamed the Nazi party as responsible for all the atrocities but never them. As I have often I have asked of people who claimed that it was not them but the Nazi party that was guilty.” Who were these millions of people who were cheering Hitler” The same can be asked of Irish families and society during that horrible period of the sexual exploitation of children. Where were they? No amount of buck passing can release them of their guilt. Over the years I have read of the comments of Michael O’ Brien who had been in Ferryhouse in which he claimed that he had undergone horrible abuse and yet I would point out that on two official occasions during which I was present he pointed out that if it wasn’t for the priests and brothers in Ferryhouse he and his brothers would have died by the side of the road. When challenged by someone as to why he made such positive comments his reply was”Who would believe me ” That might have some basis in truth if the reporter who issued the challenge to his statement had a follow up comment such as . “that may be the case but why did you continue to make positive comments ? Perhaps that question would have not made good copy for newspaper stories. The point I am trying to make in my comments is that all including the totality of Irish society should accept their own participation by silence and acquiesence to what was happening during that horrible period. Healing can only take place f when all accept their failure to act. Religious leaders, political leaders, security personnel and on and on goes the list. We cannot blame the catholic church for everything. Yes there were horrible religious personnel but where were all that remained silent ? On a personal note at the age of fourteen because I was a very bright student The Father Superior at Ferryhouse asked that I be allowed to attend secondary school in the town of Clonmel. I was accepted as a student but the good parents of the children at the secondary strongly objected to a boy attending from the industrial school and so the acceptance was cancelled. Doesn’t that prove the mentality of Irish society at that time and thus demand that they share the guilt of what happened. Thank God I was able to emigrate to the United States receive a wonderful university education and go on to become a top executive of a global company. Because of the kindness and caring of the good priests and brothers during my time in Ferryhouse I donated in full to the building of a church in East Africa. Not all religious were bad and neither was Irish society all good. Let us all pray for forgivnenss for our action and inaction.

  43. Actually in the USA the current sexual abuse of children by teachers in public schools is much more prevalent than that in the RC Church ever was– according to the FBI

    Most of the past abuse in the RC Church in the US was by pederast priests against adolescent boys.

    The RCs cleaned house–got rid of the pederasts and a Catholic school or Church are now the safest places in the US for any child or adolescent– these facts are supported by FBI documents.

    Other denominations had and have similar and much worse problems— but they do not keep the same diligent records and do not have the same financial assets as the RC Church.
    Lawyers go for deep pockets and get 1/3 to 1/2 of any financial settlement.

    The demonization of RCs by trial lawyers–for profit
    by identity groups— for political gain
    by fundamental atheists and anti- Christians–for whatever
    Are the real scandal.

    Visit any country in Africa or Asia and you will see who is saving the lives of poor and those afflicted with AIDS
    –the secular NGOs and UN employees just drive around in air conditioned SUVs–and support corrupt regimes

    While Catholic Charities get their hands dirty–doing the real work of saving lives and providing human dignity and Charity to the poor, sick and dying.

    Enough is enough of this vile, unfair and false Catholic bashing

  44. Jim Callery — I remain to be convinced that you are who you say you are. Your comment reads more like something written by a member of the Rosminians. However, if you really were the head boy and yet continue to deny sexual abuse in Ferrybridge, then you might not have survived the experience as well as you thiink.

    To quote the Ryan Report:

    During almost all of the period covered by the inquiry, there was at least one sexual abuser present in Ferryhouse.

    Shame on you for trying to deny the experience of Michael O Brien.and people like him.

    Valiant — You were banned in the past for trolling but I allowed you back in. This comment tells me that I made a mistake. A post about child abuse is not a place for you to get your thrills. Goodbye.

  45. Bock you never cease to surprise me. For that i am thankful. Those last 2 posts look like a set up to me. Could they be from the same person or even indeed the same organisation ie the Holy Apostolic Roman Catholic Church.
    I suppose ” Holocaust Deniers” come from all walks of life.
    If they truely believe what they have written here, i am inclined to think that they are more fucked up then we ( or indeed they ) have ever realised.

  46. Its been awhile since i left any comment on here and after reading those two posts it still amazes we still have the old mentality of seeing no evil in the catholic church.
    I myself spent 5 to 6 years in Ferryhouse during the late 70s early 80s and the reason i think the person who wrote that long post is a priest of a member of the order in some way is due to the wording used because the only people who called the leather a black strap were members of staff.All through the years the boys of ferryhouse knew it as the leather.
    I still believe and the more i research religions i am coming to the conclusion that they stand for negative energy powers the want to keep the greater world ignorant to the true value of humans and life on earth.

  47. The jury is out on Jim Callery, though I’m highly suspicious of his motives. I also think he’s a priest pretending to be someone else. Valiant is somebody who gets a kick out of stirring up shit. He was warned before about trolling and chose not to respect the policy. He won’t be posting here again.

  48. To those who suggested that the comments posted by Jim Callery were written by a disguised Rosminian priest or brother let me point out that I am the same Jim Callery who was highlighted in the Irish TV program “DIstant Drum” hosted by Bill O’ Herlihy the Irish Sports presenter. In my business life I held the executive positions of Vice President Trans World Airlines and with British Airways as Head of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. Depending on the time of the year my wife and I live in Princeton, NJ and Palm Coast, Florida.We were founding donors of Princeton Academy of The Sacred Heart and like most believing Catholics are “works in progress” as we struggle to live up to the demands of our faith. I hold no brief to defend Catholic clergy or any other pervert that violates the the sanctity of a minor. They should be treated as criminals and punished as such. The points I attempted to raise in my original comments were that the majority of Irish catholic clergy at the time in question were decent people trying to live up to their vocation of taking care of abandoned or neglected children. Irish society at that time was not interested. Hide those children away some place seemed to be its mantra. The same holds through today as exposed in a recent Irish TV program on the mentally impaired who are institutionalized. The collective guilt of Irish society for what took place has to be addressed before we can be reasonably assured that we have done all that we can do to avoid a repeat of these horrors in the future. Catholic clergy bashing is not the answer. No amount of Catholic clergy bashing can provide the

  49. In reply to JIm (Hallo JIm),

    I understand the point you are trying to make about society taking responsibility for its sins; and yes, there should be more soul-searching.

    Why did parents hand their children over to these horror-houses? Most probably did it because they just couldn’t cope with their large families (6, 7, 8 children): They were poor, with most having little education and seeing no prospect for their children they gave them (italics here) in good faith to the Church to look after. They (italics) believed that they were handing their children over to a better life, a chance of a better future. They TRUSTED these ‘people of god’. Do you really believe they would have given out their children if they KNEW what was going on in these monster-houses?

    Their children were abused, and worse for many, their TRUST was abused. And this is the reason why the church in Ireland will never recover.

    And the single women who had children (bastards!). The Church told the Irish people over hundreds of years, that these women were EVIL, were SINNERS, were FALLEN in the eyes of God. And they and their ‘bastard spawn’ should be given NO mercy.

    A few years ago I was in a pub in Tralee, just when the abuse scandal broke (I left Ireland with my family 50 years ago). There were a farming couple in their 60’s next to me at the bar and, to make a long story short, the woman – a real Kerry country woman – said to me, ” The bastards who did this to these children should have their balls chopped off, and those that are dead should have their bones dug up and thrown in the garbage pit”. I was absolutely flabbergasted by the utter fury of this woman. And why was she so angry? Because all her life she had trusted the Church to ‘Do The Right Thing’. And they utterly failed her.

    And JIm, there is a difference in the belief in God and the belief in The Church.

  50. Another thing Jim, I don’t give a rat’s ass myself what positions you’ve held. (like I said to Valiant above when she claimed to be, wait for it, a former DA and psychiatrist. )
    I find it a little ironic that you point out the responsibilitiy that should be held by the “totality of Irish society”, yet dismiss and deny the abuse from the actual perpetrators. That’ll be the clergy Jim.

    “As Head Boy I was very much aware of what was going on and I will admit that punishment with the black strap took place for infractions of house rules and so on but I am certain that if sexual abuse took place during that period I would probably have been aware of it. ” Give me a fucking break. You would have been aware of it would you Jim? Talk about denial and pomposity. Good luck with struggling to live up to the rules of a pack of hypocrites and an organisation complicit in the crimes carried out by it’s members, whose only concern was and still is it’s own reputation above that of the lives of innocent children.

  51. Hallo FME,

    Yes, JIm is in denial, just as the Church was (still is). But he obviously cares greatly about his Church and understanding this evil is difficult.
    I live in Germany and I’ve never met a German who supported Hitler; so it’s the same thing really – collective denial. (Oh, and by the way, the British were responsible for more than 6 million Irish dead over the centuries, now THAT’S denial)

    You hit the nail on the head well with “…whose only concern was and still is its own reputation above that of the lives of innocent children….”

    And God knows what was happening in the missionary centers all over the developing world. Just the idea gives me a fit-of-the-willies. How many unmarked graves are to be found behind those buildings?

  52. In reply to Jim Callery’s comments, this isn’t about who should have intervened , or who should have taken these kids to prevent things happening or for that matter what could have been done to prevent the terrible attrocities inflicted on these poor people as children. It’s about punishment for their crimes! Proving to these poor kids that their abusors are getting punished for their crimes. A lot of the abusors, and lets remember it wasn’t just sexual abuse it was physical and mental abuse by both priests and nuns and many are still alive. The church has paid out millions in compensation as a way of saying sorry. Stuff sorry, name and shame those that have since died and charge those that have been named that are still alive, Why should the clergy be exempt from criminal proceedings? Paedophiles, and child beaters the world over once caught are arrested and charged, This action is to help the victim and that at the end of the day is what counts, to give them some form of redress which no amount of money can buy. Let them be stripped of their protective cloth and put in prisons where hardened criminals can let them know what it feels like to be too scared to close their eyes for fear of what the night might bring. People like you make me sick with your do good attitude that trivialises what has happened. We are not looking for lynch mobs to decend on every church and proportion blame to all clergy. Wasn’t you the lucky one with your head boy title and safe internment. And now you’ve made it big in the states so lucky you again. Spare a thought for those that haven’t had such a charmed life like you, those that took their own lives ravaged by the horrible memories of their misrable exisitence that made it too painful to live. Take off your rose coloured glasses Mr Callery and don’t insult the victims. And by the way my mother wasn’t handed over, she was taken on a court order when her father got ill. An action that was rife in Ireland at the time. The church and the government at the time probably employed lots of narrow minded people like you. My mother was in denial, perhaps you are too??

  53. Truely, the shame of Ireland is that those still alive who did those terrible thing are still walking free.

    You don’t pay your taxes you get it from the state. You park your car in the wrong place, you’re punished. You owe on your electricit bill you get cut off. You light up a pipe in the pub. “Oh Jesus, how can you be so wicked”?

    You’re a priest and you abused cheldren.. Tacha, lucky you! Nothing, Nichts, Niente, Rien! The Life of Riley.


  54. The more I hear from this character who calls himself Jim Callery, the less I respect him. He might be a former inmate of Ferryhouse or he might not. He might or might not be a priest. We have no means of knowing.

    It matters not one jot to me what company he worked for or what job he did in the past. This does not impress me, though clearly it matters a great deal to the person calling hiimself Jim Callery. Perhaps it’s something to hold on to as a tangible achievement. Maybe it’s the only thing. I don’t know, but I hope he doesn’t try to impress us again by repeating his work history, because it makes me slightly embarrassed for him.

    All I can discern about this commenter is that he is in complete denial. While this is perfectly acceptable in his own private life, it is entirely unacceptable when he tries to deny the experience of sexual abuse victims. I notice that he has failed to answer my question about the inquiry into abuse in residential institutions.

  55. Whoever or whatever this Jim Callerly person is, There are no grounds whatsoever for any degree of justification or reflective musings along the lines which he appears to support.
    That children were punished by beatings for ” Infractions of house rules ” makes a lie of even one single decent Priest or Brother in that or any other institution who’s claim it was to protect, educate and guide those children, The ” Infractions ” As he called them were savage irrelevant rules designed by those Priests and Brothers to vent their savagery on children.

    If Responsibilty , Culpability and Guilt could be measured accurately in percentages then from the abusers to those who heard only the whisper of a rumour but did nothing to save those children would have to shoulder the blame.

    How many ” Bright students ” went through the doors of those institutions ? Thousands would be my guess , Only to have all will , Hope and dreams beaten out of them.

    To say that ” Children would die by the side of the road ” and that the forced entry to a house of horrors was in some way a preferable option is the ultimate statement of denial, That self same denial, Which also cannot be measured in percentages is blatantly manifest in his need to demonstrate his successful career as a testament to his credibility.

  56. Jim, your position in these companies holds no more weight in these discussions than someone who is a bin-man or a prince.
    One of the points of Bock’s forum (or Bock’s Forum :-) is that anyone who was treated badly at these homes (sic), or their children, can get the support they feel they need. And many times they are very angry; spitting, biting and scratching their way through their feelings (often guilt and helplesness).

    So we don’t need them to be demeaned. We need to say “Hi, welcome to the safe-house”.

  57. I totally agree Steve. I really think this guy has created his own fantasy world to block out what was probably a miserable exisitence. My mum created this absolutely believable persona of an idylic life and childhood. When I read the statements of what she had been subjected to I was physically sick. In our residential homes of today most staff have been checked by the criminal records bureaux. Abuse still occurs but lay abusers are charged and imprisioned if proven guilty. The catholic church is condoning the actions of the purpertrators by protecting them. Mr Callery may well have made it big in the USA , perhaps his location of Florida the fantasy world of Disney helps him escape from his demons because judging by the level of abuse that occured in Ferryhouse he certainly would have been extremely fortunate to have escaped it! Or as we all suspect A priest!

  58. Roberta, there’s been a character posting comments of a very similar tone to Jim’s – Valiant above. She would throw in irrelevancies such as positions held (a former district attorney and psychiatrist) and being part of the “American power network” – her words. I wouldn’t be suprised if she was impersonating Jim above from another IP address or got someone else to post the comment for her. She’s done it on another blog as “Victor”. A bit of a Walter Mitty character me thinks, who just tries to stir the soup.
    Not the place to do it though, dismissing and undermining the experience of victims of abuse, at the hands of the clergy.

  59. I have followed the conversation back n forth now for the past few days and as an ex ferryhouse boy i am disgusted at how some people can get kicks from pretending to an ex mon boy.
    I see the old Irish mentality of seeing no evil within the catholic church has`nt died and Jim if you`re reading this you are a disgusting excuse for a human being who seeks negative energy from people like a vampire.
    This use to be a very good forum for ex industrial school boys and girls to express their views that were hidden.
    you are a low life attention seeking fool Jim and i will go along with the consensus that you have something do with a religious order.

  60. Hi FME and Soda cake I think your comments are spot on and that Jim Callery and Valliant are one of the same. You see Mr Callery all of us genuine people commenting on this forum all share an affinity, thats why YOU stick out like a sore thumb. Come on admit it , you’re an ex Ferryhouse Priest trying desparately to conjour up support. I also support Bocks challenge to you to comment on the Ryan Report……………..!

  61. Ex ferry house head boy.please get in touch with me and I will tell you what a great man fr spell man was.I had him in Upton.
    I too live in the USA and welcome any one to talk with me 714 600 9749

  62. Now Jim. There’s a great opportunity to reminisce about the old days in Ferryhouse. Are you going to take Francis up on his offer?

  63. hi eveyone
    its been a while since i last posted , id just like to let everyone im doing really really well at the moment , after i got my compensation last year , i went back to college to study as an addiction counciller , ive since found employment in this field , i get such job sadisfaction from helping other people with problems that were similar to mine , just tought id post some good news on here and let a few of you smile .
    all the best and keep on doing your great work Bock.

  64. Well done Alan, your news will give a lot of hope and encouragement to others. I hope this opens a new and exciting chapter for you in your life. Vey best wishes for the future.

  65. Hi there….I was searching the web for support for children survivors of parents that were in Letterfrack and I came across this site.
    This deep dark hidden secret of my fathers has come to light in the past year –
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  66. I talked with Jim Vallery.He called me . He is everything that he says he is.He is the real deal. UNlike myself and I dare say,many others.Jim is a very spiritual person.He credits God and his wife for his sucessful journey through life.There is no need to bash him.He is what he is.He clearly did not suffer as others did and he bases hiw views on his own life experience.
    For me,there is no backing down.Jim thought Fr Spellman was a wonderful guy. I thought that he was a monster. I know that because I was badly beaten by him.He was showing off in front of our very promiscious school nurse.If you were at Upton betwen 1960-1966 you will know her and if you ever get to Bandon Police station look up Sgt Crowley and tell him a guy from California said to say hello and tell him I said it is ok to let you look up the police report I filed with him long before there was compensation.
    Bock,thanks for the forum and the best of everything to all of the “past pupils” I heard that lovely turn of phrase at Passage West a few years back.

  67. Notice how many kids were sent to Omelas because of the reason ”Father convicted for sexual offences against daughter”. 0 males and 5 girls. Was it those girls who were raped/abused? And were they sentenced to these Irish Sachsenhausens as a ”punishment” for being raped/abused? Remember this was at a time when even the Commissioner of the Guards, Eoin O’Duffy, remarked that the number of children being raped in Ireland was ”alarming”. And yet we see only FIVE girls whose families included a known rapist, apparently. And no boys. And yet Vincent Browne estimates (can’t remember how but his sources were good) that 150,000 Irish people alive today or rather existing today were abused. My dad’s experience as a young guard of the power of the preeshteens to protect the child rapist is obviously not an isolated incident. How many of them saints were martyred btw? I know Saint Vincent was, in the usual graphic and bloodthirsty fashion (did some early Christian Tarantino compile these so-called ”Lives” of Saints?) and Saint Conleth was reputed to have been torn to bits by wolves. St. Joseph wasn’t, to my knowledge. Nor was St. Patrick altho’ he had to go through kidnapping imprisonment enslavement and suckling on some big smelly hairy pagan’s nipples or maybe he refused to but sounds like a scene from ‘Jackass’ anyway. Point I’m making is that all these Christian saints or most of them met appalling ends allegedly and the more grisly tortured and disgusting their ends the more they were venerated. So does that have a tie-in with the way we were abused so appallingly as kids, physically emotionally sexually many of us, by the Murder Machine, the spectacular failure of Christ and Caesar and their mailed fist in a not-so velvet glove? I wonder. Perhaps we should let the Buddhists or some more civilised religion take over our schools given this ”State” is no longer worthy of the name nor yet capable of paying for a tuppenny ride on a wet Saturday nite never mind paying for the education of Irish childer?

  68. Of course there were good people in the religious orders. Of course religious/clergy were responsible for ‘only’ 3% of all child abuse (the figure we are constantly reminded about). Of course many’s and many’s a priest and nun gave their lives to helping the most wretched and most poor. That’s not the issue. The fact is that the RCC, an institution that for damn near 1500 years has held Herself forth as being the ONLY way to ‘salvation’ for Mankind; as being the ONLY moral framework in which Man may find for Himself the approval of God; as being the ONLY way, truth and light; (and has made countless billions and trillions of whatever currency unit you like out of it mar dhea) has been comprehensively exposed as covering up, facilitating, and acquiescing in the ongoing rape and torture of little children for decades if not centuries. You need hardly read Daniel to know that no matter whether they be made of gold or bronze or silver, when ‘gods’ or figures of seeming irresistible might (which is the same thing) are shown to have feet of clay, they must fall and be shattered. If I was the RCC I reckon what I’d do would be this: strip away every ounce every jot and tittle of pomp and circumstance of finery, of grandeur, of arrogance, of eminence, of high and mightiness from the Catholic ritual and from the churches and from the Vatican and from the robes of the bishops the prelates the cardinals and the popes; from the altars, from the choirs, from the sanctum sanctorums. And I would get back to the Upper Room, where the apostles and disciples cowered in fear and penury; afraid to go out for terror of death and worse. I would go back to the Desert Fathers. I would go back to the humble carpenter nailed to a tree, and I would say MEA CULPA MEA MAXIMA CULPA and I would pour ashes on my head and rend my poor garments and beat my breast and prostrate myself before the World Profane and the Heavens above and I would roll in the dirt like the madmen of Gadarene and I would not so much as put a single spangle or bit of colour or note of music on my robes or in my churches until I felt that somehow I had made restitution. And I would focus simply and solely upon the Eucharist and the simple words of the Last Supper…Do This In Memory Of Me. Rice in the bowl, water in the pail, as a great Zen master, Sekida, once advised his students to consider, and nothing else. Rice in the bowl, water in the pail. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. All else should be cast aside, all the papal bullshit all the canon law all of it, OUT. Until such time as by some sign or other the RCC might know that She had somehow, miraculously, earned that which She has arrogated to Herself the sole and exclusive franchise for distribution on this earth: Forgiveness. That’s what I’d do. But sure I nearly never get to mass so what the fuck am I saying all this for anyway.

  69. Wake up people ! The church have got away lightly, we lost lives, futures, hopes and dreams. My 4 sisters and I were sent to dundrum industrial school because our parents split up and our mum left so the church came to our house in rural ireland and took us away from our father. They took me and my 4 sisters, I was 6 years o. My sister who was 1 year older that me died 2 years later aged 8 in 1972 from a cancer that could have been cured from with early detection but the nuns ignored our pleas for a doctor. She would wake at nite in the dorm with massive nosebleeds and excruicating pains in her legs and the nuns (2 in particular) would make her walk and say its only growing pains. My parents would try to visit but they would keep them waiting and say we were at a retreat or on a day trip. My father went to court 5 times to try and get us out of there but to no avail. 2 of my sisters were raped by visiting priests and the day of the redress board hearing was a joke. The church had the best barristers in Ireland and it was the most traumatic day of our lives and for what ? 14000 euro !!! I wish I had been stronger to refuse it and go to the next stage but Im the one living with the nightmares and having to deal with the abuse and I wasnt strong enough but I would urge anyone in the same postion find the strength to stand up to these people, I wish I had.
    Im posting this for “S” my angel, miss you loads your little sister xx

  70. Hi does any one out there know were the records for St Patricks Kilkenny are ,for 1905 to 1913 , ?
    Thank you

  71. hi
    i was head boy at ferryhouse from 1952-1956.i would like to hear from boys that was there then.the priest was father spellman and brother connolly.

  72. hi everybody, i was in St Laurences from 84 to 85.
    i hate the bastards there i was sent there like most people by the Health board,
    i have being looking for anyone who suffered at the hands of Br Anthony Dowling.
    One Evil Sadistic git.
    i don’t know if anyone can help me get more information on him, i need to know i am not the only
    one to suffer at his hands
    i hope someone in here can help,
    Thanks everyone

  73. I was also an 8 year old who was in residential care at Termonbacca boys home. After my mum and dad split up, my mum couldn’t cope on her own. As a result, I was taken into care of the nuns in Derry, Northern Ireland. My introduction to the kind nuns of Derry was to be given a hiding by one of the nuns after my mother had left, because I was crying for my mother. I have an aversion to bread and milk, which was called googy bread. During one breakfast morning, I was given a bowl of this disgusting mixture of bread and milk to eat for breakfast. Despite telling the nun that I didn’t like it, I was forced to eat it. Consequently, I vomited back into the bowl. The nun then tried to force me to eat my own vomit. I was threatened with all sorts of violence if I didn’t comply to her wishes. Any little misdemeanours were severely punished. When we were sent to bed, I was caught talking after the lights went out. I was taken out and locked in a little tool shed in the playground over night. On the way to school, I got my finger caught in a gate, causing me to recieve serious injury to my little finger i.e: the top of my finger was hanging off. Because I was sobbing in pain, I was threatened by the nun in charge of us, if I didn’t stop crying, she would give me something to cry about. When I got to school, one of the teachers took me to the hospital to recieve treatment. Not only did I recieve my first holy communion, but I recieved my first introduction to sexual abuse by the ever so concerned priest, who was more concerned about my body than my soul.

  74. HI Kate Lacey. just seen your message first time to visit site.I was in st kyrans in rathdrum from 1964-1975 i would have being only around 5 at the time you mentioned but i do remember at least one death of a boy around that age. do you know if he had a nickname, i remember a boy nicknamed fish i think thats what it was anyway, the word in the place that time was he fell of a wall, but even as kids we had our suspitions, i,m not sure if it’s the same boy

  75. as an irish man i hang my head in shamefor what the state on society allowed and still allow to happen on this island. i am filled with hate for the catholic church. i started a facebook group called “we hate the catholic church” new members always welcome. luckily i was never in any of irelands catholic prisons and concentration camps but lots of my childhood friends were. lets be vocal about this and help prevent future generations from going through the same hell, at the hands of state sponsered perverted cults.

  76. Can anybody tell me how I find records for “residents” at St Josephs Industrial School for girls between the years 1941 – 1946. My mum was there, knows she was, but cant prove it

  77. Thank you I will give it a go. Although Im not hopeful it seems that records are not what they should be!

  78. You might be surprised what you might get through the FOI.
    It’s really worth a try. Ask for all records held regarding your mother from there or other organisations.
    Best of luck!

  79. i am a 59 year old man i spent 6 years in ferryhouse and ten years in st micheals cappoquinn i stillsuffer from the horrors of the abuse and torture i was subbjected too in both hell holes i was both sexually and mentally abused there by lay people and priests and brothers i have too go to hospital on 10th of december for major operation because of the years of abuse i had as a child my bones are all fucked up we where starved sexually and mentally abused there for years even the school nurse abused us if we wet the bed i can never forgive them and never will i was an orphan and did not deserve that or any other child i still suffer to this day i was whipped from one end of the school in ferryhouse with a branch of a tree by fr barry because i would not work with pat lyons who ran the farm and sexually abused us kids who had too work there i have 9 beautifull kids and they will never have too go through what we went through i find it very hard at this time of the year too get what my kids want due too my illness i am disabled from all the abuse and torture i would like too here from old friend who where in ferryhouse and cappoquin call me on 01604240858 uk god bless u all

  80. I was in st domincks school for girls which is on the list, I was also in highpark convent which is also on the list, and I had not commited any crime I was there from the age of one, we were treated like slaves for the nuns and put to work for no wages, we were not educated properly I also have invoices which the irish health board paid the nuns quiet a bit of money for me yet they never ever came to see how I was. I blame the government and the caltholic church, I do not blame my mother as she was also in the good shepherds ie st dominicks in waterford and went through a far worse time than I did

  81. St Anne’s, on kilmacud is where I was,I won’t go into details now as it’s late,to this day I’m still angry. Upset confused, alone.

  82. I’m asking who is your question aimed at ? you don’t specify what story and who ?
    Your last reply reply was 2011 ….
    So what question ??

  83. God be with us all under the Catholic Roof of Hypocrisy where men who invade the Cloth of God hide withen His House – My heart pains for all of you who have suffered..I passed by a grave in Clonoghil cemetary in Birr last week – a grave I passed possibly 1,000 times before but never really took it in – Last week I stopped and read the words “orphans of St John’s” – the words went through me as I realised I was standing on a mass grave – how many died, were killed, murdered in St John’s Industrial School in Birr…a convent school in the shadows of the old Church – St Brendan’s where I was christened, made my First Holy Communion and where I was confirmed…our abuse was our local National Headmaster where he treated boys and girls like his own personal kingdom – to batter – many nights many of us went to bed with fingers burning into the night…Tom O’Donnell Headmaster of Crinkle National School had his favourites whom he brought up and sat upon his knee – they did not suffer burning little fingers into the night but somehow in my heart I fear their suffering was worse…I am reminded of Gerry Conlon who stated that he will continue to name and shame the police in what they did to him and against him and his father…so all little children now grown adults need to name and shame those who beat them, raped them and starved them under the pretence of God’s Holy Word – remember that God is good and evil men of any cloth who do harm in the Name of God are liars and abusers….How many mass graves are in Ireland – why is there no list of the dead children in Clonoghill Cemetary in Birr, Co Offaly…the Silence needs to be broken…to allow the healing flow in…God be with you all and thank you all for speaking out…

  84. Hello I am trying to make contact with any of the boys who were in Ferryhouse during the 70 s . I lived in Passage East at the time near to the woodstown summer camp ! thanks for any help ! Karen

  85. Hi Karen i was there in the late 70s until mid 80s, not sure if i would be any help or not. I have very found memories of passage east and woodstown. Woodstown was a nice escape from the ferryhouse industrial school for those few weeks during the summer months. We use to walk to the little shop on the way into passage on the fight beside the church to spend our pocket money.

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