Do You Know Your Daddy’s a Murderer?

This is what a Garda shouted at a young child in a car as about ten of his colleagues dragged the child’s father away on a false murder charge. These were the same guards who were variously involved in perjury, intimidation, planting weapons, planting explosives, assaulting witnesses and false imprisonment. The same guards who had framed Frank Shortt, causing him to spend three years in prison. The State paid Shortt two million euros in compensation, but disciplined none of the Guards.

A senior Judge of this State has confirmed that Frank McBrearty did not kill Richie Barron. He has also said that one of the prime suspects has to be a particular drunken off-duty Guard who was driving in the area at the time of Barron’s death.

Now, I’m not saying for certain that a Guard actually killed Richie Barron. I’m just saying that the Guards were very determined to pin the killing on an innocent man. Any innocent man.


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