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Oct 122006

Dick Roche came out a few days ago and stated that he was going to start a campaign to promote public confidence in the electronic voting machines that Cullen bought a couple of years ago.

Think about that now. This is a good measure of our Government’s complete failure to comprehend what went wrong. Roche didn’t say that he was going to address the fundamental flaw in the system, a flaw that could completely undermine democracy in this country. No. Roche isn’t worried about that. He’s not going to concentrate on fixing the problem.

Instead, he’s going to put ads on the television telling us everything is ok. Lots of them. And loads of publicity to bolster public confidence. And when he’s happy that everyone believes the machines work, in they come.

Imagine if any other organisation worked that way. Microsoft, for example.

Gee, Bill, I don’t know if we should bother getting Windows 3-Million to actually work. Why don’t we just ask people to believe in it? We”ll run an ad campaign.

Uh. Right.

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