Jehovah’s Bystanders

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Oct 242006

I thought we fought for years to get rid of religious maniacs in Ireland, but it looks like I was wrong. After struggling against SPUC and SPIC and SPOCK and all the rest of the Catholic religious right, I failed to notice a whole new crowd of lunatics trying to re-write our laws.

On September 21st, Ms K, from the Congo, was given a blood transfusion against her will because the Coombe hospital refused to let a patient die in their care. This seems reasonable to me. If you don’t want medical care, don’t come to the hospital. The end.

However, it now seems that the Jehovah’s Witness congregation is seeking to be joined as a party to the action. Why? They aren’t having a baby. They aren’t the father. They have no involvement.

For decades, the Catholic clergy demanded a special place in Irish public and legal life. John Charles McQuaid meddled disastrously in our Constitution and in our law. Bishops for years sought to interfere in Irish legislation, and people of my generation fought to get rid of these fuckers, though we’re not done yet. They still control too much of education and health care, and the last thing we need is another crowd of religious maniacs taking their place.

Anyway, what kind of religion demands the right to let a woman die? No religion demands that.

I never thought I’d find a religion crazier than Scientology but here it is.

I wonder if they have Jehovah’s Witness hospitals in the Congo, and if perhaps Ms K would have been happier dying in one of those?

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    The following website summarizes over 200 similar court cases involving Jehovah’s Witness Parents who refused life-saving blood transfusions for their children:


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