Munster 41 – Bourgoin 23

Well, I needn’t have worried. Munster thumped the shit out of Bourgoin to win 41-23, a scoreline that didn’t do them justice. They put on a tremendous display of [tag]rugby[/tag] football, with fast accurate passing, huge pace around the field and powerful tackling, and they bagged six fine tries for their trouble. Well done [tag]Munster[/tag].

Not so well done, the three Irish Sopranos, who drilled holes in everybody’s eardrums with their squeaky renditions of Stand Up And Fight, and the Fields of Athenry. A lot of singers can make your scalp tingle, but these women just made my flesh creep. My head still hurts.

Anyway, as I’m on the subject, what the fuck is this Fields of Athenry thing? Why, when we have the finest [tag]rugby[/tag] anthem in the world here in Limerick, do we sing a song about a place in Galway? Anyone who has ever attended a match where people sang The Isle will know that there is no more haunting and proud supporters’ song on this planet. But here in Limerick, you see, we also have our local rivalries, and while The Isle might well scare the shite out of the opposition, it’s a Shannon song, which means you won’t get Garryowen supporters to sing it, or Young Munsters or any of the rest of them.

Now that’s the kind of begrudgery I admire.

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Young Munster supporter,and the Isle makes
the hairs stand on the back of my neck,great song should be adopted by munster.Land of my fathers does the same so don’t tell anyone . O.K .

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