Pat Kenny Shot

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Oct 172006

And to other news. In a surprise development , the well-known radio presenter Pat Kenny was last night shot in Limerick’s notorious Moyross estate.

In town to patronise the locals on his Radio 1 morning show from Moyross Community Centre, Kenny ignored the advice of community representatives and went walkabout after dark in the estate renowned worldwide for its violence. It’s understood that a group of youths wearing hoodies approached the presenter as he bought a packet of instant mash from the local shop, and accused him of being a lackey of the capitalist / imperialist conspiracy to oppress the working classes. They then shot him.

Praising the development, Miniature for The Fence, Willie O’Dea issued a statement in which he said

It’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s only a only a a a a a matther of time before before before dis kinda ting biles over an you you you you get a a a a reaction. Afther all, dis bollix Kenny is goin all over the fukken country talkin down to to to to to de ordnery people and sooner or lather some fucker was goin to shoot the fucker. Like.

Meanwhile, Pat Kenny, speaking from his hospital bed, laughed off the whole incident.

I was a bit surprised to be shot twice in the head, he remarked, but I’d say it was all just bravado.

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    guess they missed Pat’s brain cell??

    The Plain
    People of Ireland


    Is don’t think they shot him just pulled out a gun


    Oh really? Are you sure?

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