There’s the unelected Pope Ratzo the First over there in Rome, issuing edicts to all and sundry to the following effect:

1. If you’re a priest who finds out that another priest has been buggering little boys, say fuck-all about it or I’ll excommunicate you.

2. If you’ve been buggered by a priest, shut the fuck up about it or I’ll excommunicate you too.

Great. Now, meanwhile, half the country – me included – have been clamouring for Bertie to come clean about the money, and quite properly too. So can’t you just imagine the public wrath if it was about more than money. Supposing Bertie had sent out a letter, let’s say, to all the teachers in the country, threatening to fire them if they exposed cases of child sex-abuse. And then, for good measure, suppose he informed all the pupils that he’d have them expelled if they told their parents what was going on.

Never mind the few pounds from the dodgy Manchester businessmen. That would be as nothing. The mobs would be roaming the streets, demanding Bertie’s eyeballs on a stick. They’d burn down Government Buildings.

And yet, there isn’t a peep out of the same mob when His Holiness does it.

Isn’t that amazing?


Das papahund

Das papahundchen


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