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It makes no sense to mention Michael O’Leary and morality in the same breath. It’s insane. It’s a non-sequitur. Michael O’Leary is what he is, and it makes no more sense to condemn him for what he does than it would to condemn a crocodile for eating wildebeest, or a shark for swallowing Australians. He’s an old-fashioned predator and in the interests of preserving biodiversity, we should try to ensure that his kind don’t die out.

At the same time, though, you wouldn’t necessarily put a crocodile in charge of your wildebeest management programme, or appoint a shark to the board of the Australian Swimming Commission.

Our government – I’ve said it before – are the world’s biggest gobshites. These are the gobshites who gave away Eircom, ripping off thousands of small investors in the process, to the ultimate enrichment of the appalling Sir Anthony O’Reilly, the well-known bean magnate.

These are also the gobshites who gave – GAVE!!! – our natural gas to Shell, at no cost whatever. None. Not a penny. No royalties. Not a bob. And the order was signed by that renowned example of probity, and honesty, Ray Burke. This is worth repeating. Our government signed a deal with Shell to extract natural gas from our territorial waters and take it away without paying us a penny. Furthermore, Shell are entitled to charge us the full market price for our own gas. (This week, by the way, the price of gas is going up by 34%). As a matter of interest, the Norwegian government own a share in the consortium that’s extracting the gas from Irish territorial waters, and all of their profits are going (by Norwegian law) to the Norwegian citizens. Fair play to the Norwegian government for being smart, but what goes to Irish citizens? Would you like to know? I’ll tell you, then : fuck-all. Our government decided that Ireland should get not a single penny from the extraction of our gas. Isn’t that great? Thanks to that wonderful human being, Ray Burke. And thanks to that decision by Burke, a convicted crook, corrupt politician, and recipient of bribes, there are today 180 gardai on overtime paid for by you and me, forcing their way past the local people in Rossport so that Shell can exploit the gas field and take the gas free from us without paying a single cent in royalties. What a wonderful little country.

I suppose we should be grateful. At least Shell haven’t yet had any of the local people murdered for opposing them, the way they did in Nigeria. Does anyone remember Ken Saro-Wiwe?

Not for a minute do I think our government is in any way supportive of Shell’s ideology. In fact, I don’t think our government would possibly be able to comprehend the concept of ideology. This is a government without principles, either good or bad. This, after all, is a government headed by somebody who talks about “relevations” and “quid per quo”. Do I think they’re motivated by sinister intent? Dear God, no. They’re just gobshites.

Now they’ve just sold Aer Lingus at a price that allows O’Leary to kill off all competition.

What a crowd of gobshites!

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  1. I lived in Swords before I emigrated and ran against RayBo in a county council election. Also had the honor of calling him a liar in front of a bunch of Swordians. Whatever happened that crooked fucker ? Did he do time?

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