Tinker Erections

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Oct 052006

You might not have heard about this, but the people of Kilmallock are pretty pissed off about a new erection in their old graveyard. You see, the graveyard is a national monument and an archaeological treasure, which is why the design of headstones is tightly controlled.

For me, that is, and for you. And for the people of Kilmallock. But not for the tinkers. No, not for the Pavees. It seems the travellers were told that they couldn’t build a large monument at one of their graves. It would have to be the same general size as all the others, and in keeping with the general tone of what was already there. Undeterred, the tinkers and their builder climbed the walls of the cemetery during the night, and constructed a huge marble edifice including three life-size angels, to the value of approximately a hundred grand. (I suppose it was all the impoverished, marginalised poor devils could afford). I’ll bring you a picture of this shortly.

Insertion from the future

Incidentally, do you know what the verses are called that they inscribe on these huge monuments? Paiku.

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    Post some pics from Rathkeale cemetery while you’re at it… the world should know!


    Good idea.

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