Captain Kirk sings Pulp

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Nov 272006

Can’t remember if I posted this or not. Captain Kirk singing Pulp’s Common People with Joe Jackson and Ben Folds. No doubt somebody will point out the mistake if I did.

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    An ex-byefrind of my sister’s absolutely loves that twat, and for his 21st she framed a photo of him (Duncan) and got someone to sign it
    “Dear XXXXXX,

    Good man on being my number one fan! Lots of love,


    She gave it to him on the night of his 21st (everyone else was in on the joke), and his eyes teared up when he saw it. She then felt too guilty to tell him it was all a cod, so he went around for about a week showing off his autographed photo of that oul plank.

    “Now is this a, for example, photograph, Maura?”

    “Tis Duncan.”

    The gobshite.


    I love Kirk! I love Stewie doing Kirk doing Rocketman!


    A-ha. Another Enlightened One.

    Soon we shall be many. Soon we shall be strong. STRONG!!, do you hear? STRONG!!!

    Wait till they hear Jean-Luc Picard’s version of Dancing on a Saturday Night.


    Watching this work of genius makes me wonder if Wrinkley Paddy and myself are only wasting our time….
    PS How’s the head ?


    Head’s fine. Still haven’t got back the use of my limbs, though.

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