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Nov 292006

We went to Impact last night for their final Beckett offering. Endgame.


What to make of it? Ha! I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it a lot, and maybe go again before they finish.

I won’t single out any performance. In fact, I won’t even mention just the cast of Endgame. The whole fuckin lot of them do a great job for us, and everybody in Limerick should support them. They’re great.

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    Abba were alwes crap swedish cunts,none of this revisionist shit .I hov them on my ipod, I listen to it on the dort, Dancing queen is a classic.they are the same cunts that think barry manalow is so naff hes cool,
    Let me put ye straight,they are cunts the lot of them,
    they alwes were they alwes will be.They are in fact allmighty cunts, Now fuck off


    God, I love this blogging thing.

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