Limerick builder hits the big time

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Nov 012006

Isn’t it great to see a Limerick contractor do well? Roadbridge, owned by Pat Mulcair, is the main contractor in the Corrib gas pipeline. This project, you might remember, involves a deal made by the convicted crook Ray Burke, who was Minister for Energy at the time.

After hard negotiations, Ray Burke signed a deal with Shell Oil as a result of which the Irish citizens received precisely NO royalties for the extraction of our gas from beneath our territorial waters.

There are currently 200 guards in Mayo forcing the builders past a local protest, in order to guarantee the Irish taxpayers their 0% stake in this project.

Ray Burke is a crook. Roadbridge are the builders. Shell take all the money.

Fuck you.

And me.

The end.

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    And they are involved in the tunnel as well. We get to pay €1.60 for a ride in our tunnel while the jack lynch tunnell is free.

    Speaking of tolled roads, have you seen the fermoy bypass pictures posted on Remmans Cut

    And to think the plan for the tunnel was to take vehicles out of the city centre, not if it is tolled.


    Shell gets 200 gardai,moyross gets 3 .
    Shows where this government priority lies.


    You are all a pack of cunts.. Shove your comments up your faggot arseholes and die a slow death..

    Wankers…. Moyross only has 3 Gardai cos you fuckwits keep killing them off. The whole of Moyross and all resident opposed to Shell can FUCK off!!!


    Are you sure?


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