Munster take on North Korea

I was discussing the North Korea situation with Declan Kidney the other night, during a brief hiatus when Munster weren’t banging in tries against Bourgoin.

Bock, he says, What the fuck are we going to do about the geo-political situation?

I was taken aback.

You mean, like, globally?

Kidney gave me one of those glares that says, if you don’t win the European Cup I’ll fukken kill ya.

Yes, globally, he barked. Of course, globally. What the fuck else kinda plan is there?

Ah, I ventured, how about Europeanly?

You’re not getting the drift at all, Bock, are ya? replied Kidney. I have an idea. After we win this European thing again – what the fuck do they call it, the Dutch Gold cup, I think we should sort out the North Koreans.

God, I like the way this man thinks.

Yeah, says Kidney. I think the best thing to do would be send ’em an extremely vicious selection an’ tell ’em if they don’t give up all this oul’ shite we’ll let the lads loose on ’em. We’ll send ’em Donncha an’ Denis an’ Jerry too cos he’ll be better by then. An’ we’ll send the fuckers the Claw as well – I’ll call him now an’ check he’s up for it. By Jesus when he’s finished walkin’ on a few faces the fuckers won’t be long packin’ in the nukes.

I stood back in awe at Kidney’s grasp of the geopolitical realpolitik.

Heineken Cup? Only a stepping stone!

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