Oh, the Sisters of Mercy, they are not departed or gone.

You might have seen this Bock rant a little while back concerning the deal made between our government and the RC religious orders whereby we, the taxpayers pay all but 127 million euros of compensation claims. This might seem like a lot of money for the religious orders to pay, until you realise that the bill is currently 1,200,000,000 euros. One thousand two hundred million euros, and rising.

This agreement was made in the dying days of the last government by that egregious little weasel, Michael Woods, a man widely believed to be a member of Opus Dei.

You might like to have a bit more detail on the negotiations that led to this incredible deal. At the time, Michael McDowell was Attorney General, and attended most of the discussions between Woods and the nuns. However, Woods excluded McDowell and his officials from the two crucial meetings where he agreed to use our money to underwrite most of the religious orders’ liabilities.

Woods is quoted as saying at the time, “The legal people simply couldn’t have attended – it was a no-go area for them – they had fallen out with the religious.”

Now what exactly does that mean? It appears to mean that the nuns, who were representing the abusers and rapists, could dictate to an elected minister of this land which people were allowed to attend discussions on compensating their victims. It appears that they (Sister O’Donoghue et al) were further allowed to veto the attendance of the highest law officer in this land at a meeting where it was decided how much State money would be given to the abusers to get them out of trouble.

Woods went on to say, “My religion was an asset.”

Why? It wasn’t a religious issue. It was about how much money the State would take from rapists and give to their victims. It wasn’t – or at least, shouldn’t – have been a matter of negotiation, but that was what Woods and his fellow ministers allowed it to become, with the nuns laying down the rules on behalf of the child-rapists.

Afterwards, Woods commended the “helpfulness and generosity” of the Church during the negotiations. The Church had not only given guidance, he said, but also property. He was nearly being truthful here. What actually happened was this: the day before the crucial meeting from which the Attorney General was excluded, the Department of Education wrote to the Orders, agreeing that land which had been handed over to the State in the past by the Orders would count as part of the agreed payment. This was something the State’s team had resisted right up to that moment. A miracle!

Question for you. Why was a Minister of our government meeting these people at all? Why weren’t they simply informed by a letter from a civil servant how much the State was going to take from them? You raped kids and now we’re taking all your money, Fuck off. Yours sincerely.

All of this was negotiated by the formidable Sister Helena, who’s in the news again for another deeply Christian act.

Janette Byrne is a 39-year-old Dublin woman who was treated for cancer at the Mater hospital. It was only after securing a High Court order that Janette Byrne was able to force the Mater hospital to provide the necessary bed for her chemotherapy. She subsequently wrote a book called “If It Were Just Cancer”, which detailed the dirty and chaotic conditions she experienced in the hospital. You’d imagine the nuns would be glad for the feedback, wouldn’t you?

Ah, no. This is Helena we’re talking about here. Instead, the good Christian nuns hired a law firm to threaten the publishers unless they remove certain passages which “caused great distress.” Who exactly felt distressed we don’t know: after all, the Irish Nurses’ Organisation agrees with Janette’s point of view. Presumably it was Helena who felt great distress at being disagreed with. As any power freak will tell you, it is not pleasant to have the little people, or even an Attorney General, disagree with one.

Last year, Helena and her nun-buddies were in the news again, when they objected to trials of a drug for lung cancer patients. Why? Because the manufacturer advises people not to become pregnant while taking the life-saving drug. That was too much for Helena. Compassion for dying patients is one thing, but contraception? Never!!

You can’t have people taking contraceptive thingies. No. We won’t stand for it!

And so they blocked the trials.

Bizarrely, the nuns don’t own the hospital any more: they sold it to the State in 2001 for the equivalent of 22 million euros, but they made an agreement that the Catholic ethos would still prevail in the hospital. They have several nuns on the Board of the hospital, including a “director of mission effectiveness”. Think about that, now. The State gave them a big pile of money when it could easily have built a new hospital with no nuns involved. And after handing them the cash, it gave them back control of the place anyway! (This, incidentally, was the same year Michael Woods agreed the child-rapist support deal with Helena).

Where are we now? Well, Helena’s golden touch hasn’t deserted her yet.

A consortium of public-spirited businessmen offered to acquire the land, design and build a new national children’s hospital on the N7 near Newlands Cross in Dublin, at no profit to themselves. For anybody who doesn’t know the area, this is an easily accessible location near the Red Cow roundabout with easy access from the North via the M50 and the South via the N7. There are several hotels nearby.

What did the government do? It chose instead to locate the national children’s hospital on the existing Mater site, which is located in North inner-city Dublin, squeezed between Dorset Street, Eccles Street and the North Circular Road, with no room for expansion, constant traffic gridlock and no public transport, no-place for parents to park and no-place for them to stay overnight to be near their sick child. If you want to get your child quickly to the Mater at rush-hour, well, tough shit! You can’t. Because in this supposedly incredibly rich nation, we have no public transport system.

We also appear to have no government except Helena and her buddies. I wonder what they have on Bertie? Didn’t he once work in the Mater as a book-keeper?


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16 thoughts on “Oh, the Sisters of Mercy, they are not departed or gone.

  1. Well done Bock. Why do we put up with this shite ? Will we elect these cunts again ? Of course we will. The country gets the government it deserves. Of course if we don’t elect these incompetent cunts we’ll get the other incompetent cunts, but that’s another story.

  2. Great Stuff Bock. Keep it up! I love it when someone sums up a rather long running news story and sheds more light on it. Bock the educationalist!

  3. There’s three reasons it’s being built in “da inner cidy”.
    1: It’s in Berties Constituency
    2: It’d be easier for the skobes to score some smack when taking their kids to the hospital
    3: When McGoebels builds the new prison in Meath the old Mountjoy will become a great big multistorey car park to fleece ordinary people who have the gall to get sick.
    (Da Nephew)

  4. Thanks for keeping us informed, Bock! I’m surprised at myself that I’ve got anymore shock and outrage left in me with the constant antics and GUBU carry-on in this country! We could do with a present-day St. Patrick type to drive the rest of the “snakes” out of Ireland? After that, the Pied Piper could whistle the expulsion of every card-carrying FF-er and Religious abuser or grabber or liar or eejit. Seriously though, WHY IS THIS STILL ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?? It’s sick and sicker! How about Bock on the Late Late? Fantastic! Storm Montrose!


  6. “Some people will say this episode is not significant because the woman is mentally ill. Since when have mentally ill people started to make false allegations of child abuse? Only since, they have been encouraged to do so by the highest in the land. Only since they have been “compensated” for doing so – e.g. by the Redress Board”. Taken from; alliancesupport.org. 28/03/07.

    Alliancesupport.org, which is in Northern Ireland is partially funded by the Irish Department of Education. All it seems to do is emotionally, mentally and psychologically assail victims/survivors of institutional child abuse. The moderator fit the pseudonymous subsection above, which is one of many quite nicely to a genuine article that bears no relation to institutional child abuse. It is implying that people who go before the Residential Institutions Redress Board [that was explicitly, by Irish government, set up to impartially, honourably, yes, I reiterate justifiably award those of whom were wrongfully incarcerated] are mentally ill. The perpetrator of these contemptible acts; who incidentally, is an ex De-La Salle seminarian has for some years been harassing and haranguing very vulnerable victims/survivors. This order, throughout the whole world; has purportedly an abominable child sex abuse record. There are allegedly victims/survivors who have threatened suicide because of this man’s actions. The moderator of alliance who was on the receiving end of the ‘Redress Board Awards’ endorses this operates’ behaviour and cannot see the woods for the trees. He has shut himself off to the pleas of those who spent their whole childhood’s in the institutions – to stop this caper. He deletes requests, without ever trying beford to sit back and analyse. I rather find them both – pitiable characters indeed. The ex seminarian is forever and a day mouth-piecing intellectuals’ work he discovers on various web sites. He has never gotten over his De-La -Salle mentors. One minute, it is the Passion of Rory Connor; the next – it is the passion of Tom Hayes… or other? The latter must regurgitate this priest – to – be geek’s perpetual crucifixion.
    Finally, yet importantly, I want to say to both of the above mentioned, that it behoves ye to put your energy into helping those who suffered at the hands of the religious. The article that the Knitter put up on his website, [see the Knitter, INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS] is a typical example of the pain that countless children in the past suffered. IT IS A TESTIMONY OF TRUTH. Where are your testimonials?
    PS: Alliance support indisputably, by the moderators account has hundreds of supporters, perhaps even thousands. So why does one never get to hear their voices. The site ascertains it is for those who spent their young lives -in the institutions… My final answer to that is; — Codswallop! GOOD LUCK, Knitter, you are doing excellent work highlighting the atrocities that were bestowed on us in the dark days IN IRELAND’S GULAGS.

    Added on April 15, 2007

    This is a proposal by a Fine Gael candidate in Meath to have a Redress Board to deal with allegations of child abuse in ordinary schools. The standard of proof at the Residential Institutions Redress Board (RIRB) is next to zero and I think there are about 15,000 applicants for “compensation”. Setting up a similar body with similar proof standards for day schools would probably attract hundreds of thousands of people who suddenly “remember” that they were abused by school teachers.

    In particular it would encourage false allegations of SEXUAL abuse. You do not have to claim sex abuse in order to be “compensated” by the RIRB – physical or emotional (!) abuse will do just as well. However because of thuggish media campaigns by Mary Raftery and Co, many people do not realise this and strive to “remember” how they were raped as children!

    Do we really want more of this?


    Rory Connor

    Shameful Use of Loophole – The Meath Chronicle, 7 April 2007

    Meath Chronicle

    Dear Sir,
    Having watched the recent Prime Time programme it appears that the Government is using a legal loophole regarding the employment of teachers to avoid all responsibility for child sexual abuse in schools. This is a cruel and unsympathetic approach to a group of victims, many of whom undoubtedly suffered greatly at an age when they were very vulnerable.

    I feel ashamed that any government or minister representing me could allow ordinary decent people to suffer all over again.

    The Department of Education bears the responsibility to educate our children in a safe and healthy environment. This was not the case in countless children’s lives for too long and now when looking for redress they use a ‘technicality’ to get away with compensating them I feel it unjust, callous and grossly unfair.

    In the first instance the government of the day should apologise for all the wrong doings inflicted to children of days gone past in a first step to help with their healing process.

    As far as monetary compensation goes, Minister Hanafin was quoted the other day as having to account for the prudent spending of the taxpayers money as an excuse for seeking costs against Ms Louise O Keefe; need I remind Minister Hanafin of e-voting, e52million, PPARS e200million; Bertie Bowl e20million. Need I go on…..

    I believe that a review of how the State will deal with the victims of abuse in schools is long overdue.

    This review should consider how many people were abused at school, and put information into the public domain so that it can be assessed. This review should also estimate if these cases can be dealt with by the Residential Institutions Redress Board, and state how long this might take and the potential costs involved.

    Only then, can we offer real closure to thousands of families who have suffered for far too long.


    Regina Doherty,
    Fine Gael candidate,
    Meath East.

  8. Rory Connor is yet again using the medium of alliancesupport.org to express his drivel. “In particular it would encourage false allegations of SEXUAL abuse” – cites Mr. Connor, without giving any genuine evidence to substantiate his argument. This failed ex Christian Brother literally appeared on the institutional abuse horizon out of nowhere. He is neither a professional health care worker or counsellor of any description yet he seems to have immersed himself right in the middle of very traumatic, vulnerable people. ONE WONDERS IS THERE A HIDDEN AGENDA TO THIS MANS ILL DEEDS?

  9. Rory Connor is yet again using the medium of alliancesupport.org to express his drivel. “In particular it would encourage false allegations of SEXUAL abuse” – cites Mr. Connor, without giving any genuine evidence to substantiate his argument. This failed ex Christian Brother literally appeared on the institutional abuse horizon out of nowhere. He is neither a professional health care worker or counsellor of any description yet he seems to have immersed himself right in the middle of very traumatic, vulnerable people. ONE WONDERS IS THERE A HIDDEN AGENDA TO THIS MANS ILL DEEDS?

  10. You may well have a point, but I can’t allow you to libel someone here, which you seem dangerously close to doing.

    I’ll look up Rory Connor and if there’s something worth reporting, I’ll write about it.

    For now, I can’t put up any more comments from you, but if you feel like venting, why not set up your own web-site?

  11. I left it all behind nearly 30 years ago and not a lot has changed.priest ridden and corruption all around, no change there then,

  12. Checked out the Sisters of ‘Mercy’ site and in particular the, ‘Becoming a Sister of Mercy.

    Could I become a Sister of Mercy?’ section here, http://www.sistersofmercy.ie/vocations/becoming.cfm

    It seems they have 4 questions that require a ‘Yes’ answer in oder to be considered,

    1. Are you a Catholic? (I’d say they mean ROMAN Catholic!)

    2. Do you feel drawn to the deeper things in life? (Don’t we all?)

    3. Are you looking for something more than what is around you today? (I suppose CASH might count!)

    4. Are you aware of the needs of the poor? (Doesn’t say anything about a desire to help the poor!)

    It looks like being a male does not preclude one! Then again from the looks of some of those nuns this may not have been an issue for them either.

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