Public Apology

Another correspondent has pointed out to me that the religious orders actually agreed to pay 128 million euros towards the cost of the residential institutions redress board, and not 127 million, as I indicated. This is a million euros more than I suggested, out of the total cost of 1,200 million euros.

I apologise sincerely for this error and I’m happy to state publicly that the Roman Catholic church is currently paying 10.7% of the cost arising from children being raped by members of religious orders and not 10.6% as I disgracefully stated yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Public Apology

  1. This is a tad more than Aosdana have paid. Neoconservative conspiracies of silence are apparant now, later on in 2008. Shagarty Zeds (as featured in the paper of record) is not exactly gushing with info on the “fat man too”.

  2. Why is a very big question.

    Just found your site today very funny and enjoyable, bit tired now and off to bed, I will get back to you over the next few days with clearer comment.

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