Send up two women now!

Phoned up the Special Service.

KKlallkk. Clickckck. CClunnnkkckkccck.

Spez! Vat you vant??

I want Women. Now!! Put me onto the Man.

For why you vant the Man?

Cos I want a real fukken deal. You put me onto the Man now, or you fukken suffer later.

Ok. Ok. Here come the Man.

Click. Click. Click. Clok. Klokk. Kllunnnkk!!


Is that the Man?

Who Vant Know?

KKKlllokkk. Cluunnkckckck!

Bock. That’s fukken who.

Cklnnckk. Klleunckckckc, Klokk.

Ah, Bock, my friend! My old friend, Bock. My friend, Old Bock. Old Bock, my friend. For what we can for you do?

Don’t give me that shit. You know what I want.

Aaaahh, Bock, you with me the joke make, no??? My old friend.

No joke. Give me what I want, or take the consequences.

OK, Bock, my friend. You want woman, yes?


No! Not woman! I want women. I want two women, and I want them now!! You will send them to my house NOW!!!

Of course. Of course, Bock, my dear friend. Perhaps I ask small question of Bock, my dear friend?

Talk, and be quick about it.

You want the special service, yes? The very special, how we say, extra service?

Kllack. Clinckk. Klak. Kelunckk.

Ah no. Just to do do the bathroom and the living room . That’ll be fine. Thanks!

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