The Travelling Community’s Traditions

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Nov 012006

I promised I’d bring you pictures of the tasteful memorial erected in Kilmallock graveyard by the travelling community. Here are some shots of the graveyard and church.

The church is a national monument and two of the walls of the graveyard are the mediaeval walls of the town. Isn’t it beautiful?

Here’s the memorial erected by the travelling community:

Here’s a somewhat less ambitious erection by the same community:

As you can see, every effort has been made to stay in keeping with the general feeling of the graveyard, and to respect the sensitivities of neighbouring families.

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    Cannot leave this post go without informing you of a friend of mine who handles claims on behalf of a local authority who recently received a claim from a traveller following a trip and fall resulting in a broken arm for the poor old faller. So what you might say, except in this case the claimant was 12 days short of his first birthday when the accident happened. the plaintiff’s evidence will be ! gurggle, gurggle, gurggle! QJS

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