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ulster scots

It’s claimed that Ulster Scots is a language in the same way as Irish or English, or Serbo-Croat. Well, here’s the introduction to the web site of the Ulster Scots Agency.

Aboot Worsels

Tha Noarth-Sooth Boord  Leid is cum aboot frae tha Bilfawst Greeance as yin o tha Noarth-Sooth boords. Tha Boord o Leid taks in twa faicteries, Tha Boord o Ulster-Scotch an Tha Boord o Gaelick (Foras na Gaeilge). Ilka yin o thir twa faicteries haes its ain boord quhilk thegither maks tha Noarth-Sooth Boord o Leid. The preses o ilka Boord is baith Claucht-Preses o tha Boord o Leid.

Tha Boord o Ulster-Scotch bis gart unner tha laa guide tha “forderin o mair forstannin an uise o tha Ulster-Scotch leid an o Ulster-Scotch fowkgate daeins, baith ben Norlin Airlann an athort tha islann”.

Tha Boord maun gie answer til tha Noarth-Sooth Cooncil o Minnysters, an maist o aa tae tha twa Minnystrrs, baith in tha Norlin Airlann Semmlie an Dáil Eireann, as taks adae wi tha leid an tha heirskip o Ulstèr-Scotch fowkgates.

Tha Boord is ootbye govermenn minnystries, but haes laa-makkin pooers in baith kintras on tha islann o Airlann.

Tha Boord wull hae its heich offis in Bilfawst, an an unner-offis in Dunnygal.

Got that?

Ok. Here’s my glossary of the Ulster Scots words in that introduction.

Aa : All
Aboot : about
Ain : Own
Airlinn : Ireland
Athort : Athwart (?)
Baith : Both
Bilfawst : Belfast
Boord : Board
Claucht : (?)
Cooncil : Council
Cum : Come
Daeins : Doings
Dunnygal : Donegal
Faictories :
Forderin : Furthering
Forstannin : (?)
Fowkgate : (?)
Frae : From
Gie : Give
Govermenn : Government
Greeance : Agreement
Haes : Has
Heich : High
Heirskip : (?)
Ilka : Each
Islann : Island
Kintras : Countries
Laa : Law
Laa-makkin : Law-making
Leid : Language
Mair : More
Maist : Most
Maks : Makes
Minnysters : Ministers
Minnystries : Ministries
Maun : Must
Noarth : North
Norlin : Northern
O : Of
Offis : Office
Pooers : Powers
Preses :
Quhilk : Which
Semmlie : Assembly
Sooth : South
Taks : Takes
Tha : The
Thegither : Together
Til : To
Twa : Two
Uise : Use
Unner-offis : Under-office
Unner : Under
Worsels : Ourselves
Wull : Will
Yin : One

Ah, lads. Come on now. At the absolute outside, that’s a dialect of English, no? And I’m being kind there. It’s an accent, not a language! It’s a phonetic representation of the way people pronounce English. I know there are some words I haven’t been able to explain, but on the basis of this, I could make a case for Limerick Knacker, or Dublin Gurrier, or even Portmarnock Golf! In fact, one of these days, I’ll make up a glossary of Roadwatch Rand-Abangt, and let’s see if we can get it accepted by the European Commission.

Hould on there, boys. Wid youse ever ketch on til yersels? Some-yin’s takkin a haund at youse!

26 thoughts on “Ulster Scots

  1. Just spotted this… it’s part of parity of esteem. The, ahem, taigs have their own Erse language and so the Presbyterian planters had to have one too. SO off with them into the wilder Glens of Antrim where the old boys are completely incomprehensible… Eureka! = “Scots Irish” = equal grants to those being picked up by West Belfast gaeilgoiri fuckers milking Her Britannic Majesty’s Govt. All happy…

  2. Well Scots (and ulster scots) and english have only converged recently enough, so I can see the logic, but they point is they did converge. This is like Rabbie Burns lite, a pile ay pish, if ye wul.

    Like the site, Bok. Only read a couple of chapters, and not sure what to make of it all… but good work!

  3. I think that there is pretty much what it is, right enough. And that there. Aye. Right enough.

  4. As someone who is learning both Serbian and Slovak, the divergance from standard Russian in both cases is similar to the divergance between Ulster Scots and English, and there is quite a similar relationshi between Croat and Serbian as their is between normal Scots and Ulster Scots.

    Parity of esteem is a two way street, and many use and abuse Irish for political means on our side when they dont give a toss about it otherwise. The only way to make Ulster Scots not the preserve of the Unionist community is to promote it our side as well.

    FYI, there is an Irish seaking LOL in Belfast, so they are adapting to the respect for Irish culture, so it is no bad thing for us to do similar.

  5. Take it fae (frae is so not used since the 1970’s) someone who knows… tis bollicks. A dialect, an accent, a lazy use of the bastarised English language. Nae maire than that.

    I have feet in both camps due to the amount of philandering in my ancestory, and we all agree that to entitle it as a language is mere pish. Bock is right in his comment “It’s a phonetic representation of the way people pronounce English.”

  6. Hello,
    Ulster Scots is simply the colonial dialect of the Scots language. So it is a dialect of the same language as the original dialect of Aberdeen is. This is a similar story as that of people in Bosnia who claim to speak Bosnian instead of either Serbian or Croatian. Yes, the Northern Irish Scottish have a right to support their half original language (the original language is Scottish Gaelic), but should not claim a diversity which is not existing. It would be similarly ridiculous if Northern Irish people claimed Ulster Irish to be a seperate language!

  7. The original language certainly is not Gaelic. It’s English.

    Ulster Scots is neither a language nor a dialect. It’s an accent.

  8. Ulster Scots has nothing to do with Gaelic. They are not even of a family. It’s a dialect of Scots and that’s it. Scots is spoken in the East and a lot of the South of Scotland. The west, especially the Highlands and Islands is a Celtic, Gaelic speaking area. The two languages, even in a country of fewr than 5 million, bear no resemblance to each other and do not even share similar roots.

  9. I reckon there’s an EEC grant in it somewhere. They love giving grants for ethnicky thingys does the ECC. But be warned. If the Pikey’s hear that the Prods, who are only doing this because the Shinners have roads signs in Gaelic above in Norn Iron, are getting grants for a langauge which only exisits on a claim form, they’ll be gone through the window on top of the ECC fella. They’ll take the hinges off the door.”Yer gavan him a hunrer poun an hour and my childer and the piebald starvin abroad on the Long Pavement, you bastar” – Give that man a grant, give them all grants, the Piebald an all, going forward.

  10. Yes indeed seconds out……….based on this I think an application to the EEC for an Animal Rights grant to the Millwall supporters club might actually stand a chance……

  11. The sudden transformation of the Ulster-Scots dialect into a language(sic) suggests a political attempt to forge a more distinct ethnic identity for Ulster loyalists once the Shinners (or would that be Worsels Alain?) got the right to erect a few signs as Gaelige in Wust Bilfawst.

    Most of all its another excuse to milk the taxpayers of Ireland and the UK for yet more easy money to throw at Norn Iron’s consistently divided communities, which in reality means paying top buck for two of everything to placate Europes’ leading spongers.

  12. looks like blatant plagiarism to me. Irvine Welsh is entitled to any grant money going on this. It also reminds me of the Are-travellers-an ethnic-group discussion you had going a few months back Bock, i.e. the use/manufacture of a culture to get stuff. Its a crazy world.

  13. A lingo cult.
    Pretend like mad and wait for the riches to arrive across the sea.
    Scots isn’t a language, it’s a dialect of English. So Ulster Scots isn’t a language.
    Gaelic is a language. Irish contains several dialect of Gaelic. Scots Gaelic also contains several dialects of Gaelic. The reason for some of the confusion is that the English spoken in Ireland is hardly ever called Irish, it is simply called English, though it can be quite different from what is spoken in England.
    The Gaelic spoken in Ireland is rarely called Gaelic, it is called Irish.
    But Scottish English is called Scots. And Scottish Gaelic isn’t.
    So-called Ulster Scots is just a bit of nonsense dreamed up by people who have no idea what constitutes a language, to poke well deserved fun at the pompous parading of Gaelic, which has been thoroughly decomissioned and put firmly beyond use by the murder-machine that masquerades as education in our republic.
    Ulster Scots should, nonetheless, be made a compulsory school subject in the republic in the interest of cross-border making-it-look-as-if-something-is-happening.

  14. Thons a hape o keek,……… Surely the Ullans fraternity are just taking up a great Irish tradition , ie getting grants and government funding as they are there for the taking. Our farmers, builders, broadcasters ( TG4) have been at it for years.

    Ulster – Scots exists as a regional dialect mainly in Mid and North Antrim and is in every day usage. In the same way the blas does in Clare or Kerry men axe questions. In light of your recent thread on Elocution lessons, maybe you should ask the Ulster Scots folk how to get a grant to preserve the Limerick dialect / accent.

  15. I’ll ashk oo a queshtion, Mel. Who told oo Kerrymen “axe questions”?

    We may be onto something here though.

    For fwy izhnt uvry Kyerryman ped a subshtanshal annool shtypind ta insintivise him ta shpake hees natif blather? An for fwy izhnt uvry offeecial dyakimint av thooripeen community thranzhlated inta Kyerryonian?
    Hanamun deeul tiz a dizhgrace. An an injushtice.

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