Victim of intimidation

Why in heaven’s name are criminals targeting Paul Crawford?

This poor man was fired on in July, prompting his outraged associates to shoot at houses in Moyross and Kileely in an attempt to express their hurt and indignation. Last Thursday, Mr Crawford’s sister’s house in O’Malley Park was riddled with bullets and the following night he was fired at again in Carew Park. However, by Sunday night, Mr Crawford judged it safe to let his five-year-old nephew play outside the family home.

I suppose, if I was him, I’d feel the same. Why stop the poor little fella playing in the street? After all, it’s been a full two days since anybody sprayed the house with bullets.

How wrong he was. That night, thugs yet again sprayed the Crawford home with bullets, this time hitting little Jordan (5) in the leg.

Mr Crawford has stated that he is at a loss to know why these people continue to shoot at him, and I share his bafflement. Why the hell were people shooting at this poor man? I think we should be told. After all, it isn’t as though people are shooting at me, or at anybody else I know. No indeed. I can safely say that nobody has ever shot at me in my life, and probably never will.

So what exactly is it that makes Paul Crawford so different to me?

Why are people shooting at him when they aren’t shooting at me?

I can’t imagine. I’m baffled by it all.

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