Why my children never get shot

Would you like to know how I protect my children from getting shot?

Watch carefully.

I don’t deal drugs.

Isn’t that brilliant?

Everybody should try it.

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It’s true for you Bock!!! If everyone followed your example, Limerick wouldn’t be in the news half as much!!

Bock, you could just try not living in Limerick… it’s actually quite safe for children elsewhere…


It’s quite safe for my children too.

As I said, the secret is not to be a drug-dealing scumbag.

Yeah, agreed, but even their children are safe in the other ghettos around the country… the lads in Limerick have been watching too many triad movies…

Thanks for that Conan. I understand. But as Limerick is my town, where I grew up and which is full of my friends and family, why would I give up and move out at the behest of a few knackers? That’s my big beef at the moment.

You have my sympathy. Somebody should abandon Des O’Malley in Southill… since he and his generation / family have presided over so much of Limerick’s “development”.

You have one quess, just one on who turned on the Christmas lights in Limerick City last Monday! Just one quess really, yes really.
Really, honestly, completely true.

I know you might find it hard to believe but the lights were turned on by none other than Jordan whatever his name is. Apparently his parents were persuaded out of hiding for the gig!

No doubt he will be back in fifteen years or so peddling coke and holding up shops.

He will be able to say, I was a contender, I turned on the Christmas lights one time. QJS

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