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Listen to all this talk about soft landings. Hard landings. Negative equity. It’s all bollocks. As far as I’m concerned, the crash can’t come soon enough.

If you have a house to live in, it doesn’t matter a shit what it’s worth. It’s a house, it keeps you dry and warm, and you can have all your friends over for a party twice a week if that’s what you’d like to do. The monetary value of your house only matters if you want to sell it and get the biggest possible profit out of it.

But now we have all the Jeremiahs whingeing and moaning about a collapse in property values, and I’m standing here, baffled. I’m asking myself why is this is a bad thing? At present, we have a ridiculous situation, where poor fools are commuting from Mullingar to Dublin because that’s all they can afford. People are buying homes in the middle of fucking nowhere, and if those homes are within 100 miles of Dublin, they’re called town-houses. What a load of shite. People are dropping their kids into creches at six in the morning, driving for three hours to get to work and another three home, stressed out of their heads, never seeing their children.

Who benefits? Very simple: land speculators benefit, and nobody else. This has been achieved by a very cunning sleight of hand in which naive young couples are hoodwinked by lifestyle supplements and gobshites like Duncan Stewart. It isn’t cool or sophisticated to be living 100 miles from where you work. And no, you don’t live in Manhattan. You live in fucking Castleblayney. It isn’t clever. You didn’t buy a townhouse. You bought an albatross. It isn’t smart or cosmopolitan. It’s just stupid, as simple as that, and while you struggle your 100 miles to work and 100 miles home, who’s laughing? Not you, that’s for certain, and not your kids who live in a creche.

The only ones laughing are the arseholes who manipulate house-prices to squeeze every last penny out of you. The pals of Bertie and Haughey and Lawlor and Burke and all the rest of the slithering reptiles.

The sooner house prices collapse, the sooner young people will be able to afford a roof over their heads.

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The reason there’s a housing bubble and no food bubble is because the EU regulates the price of food. It could easily be done for housing.

Yeah regulation: always the refuge of those how seem to have faith that another new bureaucracy can solve the problem. They did such a good job over the last 20 years.

Here fucking here,I couldnt have said it better.What a farce of a lifestyle we live and think we are all well off with our house and two cars the bank owns.Wake up Ireland.

Well said, Bock. I’m always saying so what when I hear people talking about how much their house has increased in value, blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter how much my house is worth, because if I sell it I still have to buy somewhere else to live and I probably couldn’t afford anywhere, so what’s the use of selling the home I presently own???
We’re going to pay a massive price for the creche generation in the future. I think it’s a wretched way to live – for everyone children and parents.

The post on House Prices tells alot of it as it is.

Two distinct possibilities come to mind:

1) The Government did not see it comming
2) They put their faith in the Morkett (MARKET) and figured inflated propert would drive a construction boom that might secure a few terms in Government

The problem with this Morkett is that it is not a free market it confers a near monopoly on well heeled landed dynesties to make super profits.

There is no shortage of Land not even near Dublin Fingal could House a few million people, even in decent housing.

Problem with the current houses the quality of the dwellings is driven down as the proportion of the actual construction cost becomes a small fraction of the supposed value of the House or cost to the poor mug like me.

Planners do not consider supply and demand in zonning land merely how many units might be required.

What we need to do is tax zonned land annually until it is developed maybe up to 20% of its value per annum commencing a year after it was zonned.

Point is the system creates artificial scarceity contary to the Market principle


Sorry to contradict you BUT putting that kinda power into the hands of people who have no construction, architectural or any other kind of background except maybe a Diploma in public administration and a twelve month or two year course in Town and Urban planning is bloody dangerous.

The facts of the matter are, that out of the approximately fifty planners employed between Clare, Limerick City and Limerick County Councils, There is ONE who has a diploma in Architecture.

I’ll repeat that, ONE, out of fifty.

These are the people that tell you what your house should look like, to remove that offending chimney because it’s not in the middle of the roof, Why? Because that’s what it says in a “Traditional” house design cookbook that they read along the way and it became a bible.

The reason for the urban sprawl that is now “Dublin” is because of a ridiculously low density of housing insisted upon by, you’ve guessed it, Planners. The insistence on maintaining less than five houses per acre over the last twenty years, and our downright criminal blockage of higher density, higher buildings has created this monster that they have finally realised is going to cost a bloody fortune to supply services to. Basic services like Refuse collection, water supply, street lighting, road construction, BUSES and other forms of public transport.

Ribbon development along all of our country roads was caused again by planners insisting on a half acre site with 100 feet of road frontage with a blanket ban on what is referred to as “Backland” hamlet development for the last thirty years.

What is even worse, is that at the end of the day, When everyone comes around to the same way of thinking eventually, the people who have the power to make the final decision in regard to Zoning are the flaming Councillors, which is why we have all the bloody planning tribunals going on.

I mean, c’mon think about it for gods sake. Someone whose land becomes re-zoned, even against their will, just because it’s alongside a chunk of land belonging to a Well-monied developer, will be required to sell the land immediately for development or be TAXED on it??

I know of one particular guy here locally whose land was rezoned and he will not sell it as long as he is alive. He was born and raised on the farm,which bounds a country village, has worked it all his life, and his view is that “They can do what they bloody well like when I’m gone”. And in my mind that is his right. It’s his to do with as he pleases.

Sorry for the rant but planning is a touchy subject for me in particular. I live in an area where my kids would not get planning permission for a house on a site next door because we’re living here only twelve years…. I have lived in the country for most of my life and I want them to have the chance to do so, IF and only IF that’s what they want.

We could overcome the plight of your friend whose land would be invountarily zonned by designateing it as perpetual green spcae

30% of landon is green space lots of useful parks. Useful to have beside the well connected developers high density development


Where as obvious hardship is being created and endured by breakdown of relationships it is time in recognition of such hardship that the tax system be amended appropriately


Where as an individual, excepting bodies corporate, partnerships, having such expenses in life to defray, following the effective ending of a relationship, which involved a married union, shall be subject to the contnts of the following sections, be eligable to the following reliefs:

1.1 Full exemption from Benifit in Kind tax associated with any funds, given by way of loan, or by way of funds though by the doner or donee to be a loan regardless of the term of the loan

1.2 The Donee may elect during the life of the loan to convert the loan to a gift.

1.3 The Donee must recieve the good will funding within 10 years of the breakdown or actual separation agreement or divorce

1.4 The Donee must Not solicit the Goodwill funding from the providers of the funding

1.5 The providers of the goodwill funding must be friends of the donee and must all spontainously appreciate the need of the donee for the funding without the knowledge of the donee

1.6 The Good Will funding will be transfered by way of legal tender only

1.7 The proposed relief to be made available to a maximum threshold of 100 times the annual Oldage pension

1.8 a ceiling on the eligable goodwill funding to apply up to 50% of the value of cash savings held on deposit in a safe, attic, hole in the wall, under the carpet, or other suitable place of deposit, other than a bank or mutual society.


They bloody didn’t, they zoned it residential, not agricultural, or open space, residential, Hence the direct quote from the man.

In any case the system here is backasswards.

The planning system finally has cottoned onto the idea of building up the towns and villages, so overnight changes the system to reflect that But haven’t prepared the way by building the sewerage treatment plants, water supplies, and all the other infrastructure needed first. Planning can’t be granted as it is deemed “Premature” until the work on the towns is completed first….
Cart Before horse syndrome.
Another beautiful example is the House rating certification system, coming into force legally without a tenth of the number of inspectors and certifiers in place to do the job, As far as I know the software is still beta software. It’s not as if the British, who brought in the system twelve months ago didn’t go through the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. But no, We can’t learn can we..

Another example of it? The recent passing of a law requiring those “Dumper” Trailers pulled by tractors to get a D.O.E. cert like a commercial vehicle. The local Super here has stopped allowing these vehicles to be used on the public roads for the last eight months since the act came into force. There still isn’t a testing centre in the whole country to my knowledge, yet these vehicles were what was used on a daily basis by the contractors fitting the sewer pipes, watermains, ducting etc. throughout the country. The end result? All of the waterschemes and sewerage schemes currently being worked on have massive claims by the contractors hence increased costs as the contractors had to employ truck drivers to do the work they were doing themselves. This will likely continue for another twelve months until the government puts the flaming system in place..

Cart before horse always, cart before horse…

P.S. liked the proposed legislation by the way, but again it’s after the fact……

there is a strong argument for allowing life partnerships of some number of years standing to be included as well as unions solmonised by minority superstious groups. to be vovered by the digout act as well

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