What do you make of that guy who’s been arrested? Is he a fantasist or the real thing?

Personally, I tend to lean towards the fantasist theory, but I could be completely wrong.

Still, though, why did he give interviews to the papers and the TV? What the fuck is wrong with these people? No, really. For once, I’m not being facetious. We saw the spectacle of that guy who killed the kids in Soham talking to the cameras, and then it turned out he was the murderer. Fucking bastard.

Sorry: here comes my right-wing side. Kill the motherfucker. Kill him now. Immediately.

I know. I know. Stop!! I know, all right? I know. What if they get it wrong? I fucking know. That’s the problem with becoming right-wing. The big problem is confronting your previous stance, and it can’t be dismissed.

I actually don’t think I changed much. I think what happened was this: people like me didn”t change very much. It’s just that the skobes got worse.

4 thoughts on “Ipswich

  1. I reckon he did it. He probably wanted to be caught, the way he went talking to the other girls about the murders, and the way the latest two bodies appear to have been rushed jobs.
    Then there’s the whole telling the Sunday Mirror what a suspect he was, with no alibis or anything.
    He could be a fantasist alright, but he has that creepy serial killer look about him.
    Seen his myspace page? Scary monsters.

  2. The police have arrested another man this morning. There may have been two killers at work. Apparently the sequence of murders matches a plot in a book by P.D. James.

  3. they seem to be fairly interested in the second arrested man’s house..scaffolding around it and all that police stuff.

    My guess is thats their man and the first fella will be released without charge.

  4. Hard to know. I thought the first guy seemed like a bit of an attention seeker. But on the other hand it’s hard to imagine one man killing five people in such a short time and disposing of the bodies. I’d say it’s quite a difficult business.

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