Munster 25 – Leinster 11

Well, there you go.

About 500 of their supporters made the arduous two-hour journey from Mount Merrion to Limerick, where they were promptly stuffed 25 – 11. What do you think was the best chant these intrepid supporters could could come up with? Would you believe Boring Boring Munster!

In reply, you had about 12,000 Munster people chanting Eh, like, hello? Who’s fuckin winning here?

They’re incredible really. A few of them found their way into our pub later, and one guy remarked to me that we were like Millwall supporters.

Really? I said. In what sense?

You’re so aggressive, he said.

Really?? I said again. The only gurriers I saw were your supporters who couldn’t stay quiet during a penalty. Do they not know about good manners above there in Dublin?

God, it’s always sweet when we beat those fuckers.

9 thoughts on “Munster 25 – Leinster 11

  1. Tis indeed. It was my first time seeing Munster in Thomond, (living outside Ireland and all). Enjoyed myself no end. The silence during penalties is something too behold.

  2. Ah the typical magnamoius Munster supporter. Remember last years Musgrave match, when not alone did the Munster fans catcall kicks, so did your players.

    But go on, and tell yourselves ye are the best fans in the world, and ignore the fact that most of ye couldn’t be bothered to watch your team except in the big games.

  3. “What do you think was the best chant these intrepid supporters could could come up with? Would you believe Boring Boring Munster!”

    Beats singing about another provinces fields though.

    Anyway, its a league, not a cup. Munster did the same at home to Leinster, as Leinster did to them in Lansdowne. Nothing to get too excited about, especially as it was much more a Leinster defeat than a Munster victory. A few lads need to keep their mouths shut, and not let home team refs get on top of them. With an improvment on the discipline front Leinster will stop losing matches like this and the Edinburgh game. Hopefully this will come about sooner rather than later, with this match serving for Leinster what the match this time last year did for Munster.

    But as the other commentator points out, it is best to be magnamious in victory. Something which a few Munster fans would do well to remember (at least those who dominate over at

  4. i dont know what magnamious means but having attended one match at thomond park i reckon the munster fans can be what they want in the pub or on the web.jonny wilkinson fresh from winning the world cup on his own,on republican soil and i was afraid to cough when he was taking penalties.respect.mind you, when mossy lawlor went tru those british cunts like a bull in a china shop to score the winning try in injury time,that to me was munster magic.

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