Munster v Leinster

I’ve had a lot of complaints from Dublin people about my last post on the Munster-Leinster game. I realise now that my comments caused great offence and I thought I should try to make it up to them.

So here are a few pictures to cheer them up.

kick it on

3 replies on “Munster v Leinster”

Someone’s slipped you a Micky Finn, speed by the looks of it. Two days ago you were taking a break, I come back and there’s reams to get through. And how else can you explain your support for Scunthorpe?
Scientologists are weird but they all seem to be successful and have a few bob which frightens me a bit.
Haven’t read the despot one properly yet.
If I don’t get back to you, it means I’m drinking, so have a tirribly tirribly fine New Yee-ah, and I shall visit your fine weblog in 2007.

Very kind of you, Sir.

I’m afraid a touch of liver failure is keeping me out of the pub tonight, but enjoy your tipple.

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