Munster vs Cardiff

The Bullet and myself aren’t long back from Thomond Park where they did it to us again. Why do they do these things to their loyal supporters? Why couldn’t O’Gara just realise that the ground is full of sad old gits like myself who need a bit of certainty in their lives? The Bullet was so rattled by the game that he immediately formed a heavy-metal band, and they’re all now in the other room, pounding away at some Pantera shite. As a band, they’re crap, but as a spectacle they’re as cool as Jesus. They even have a girl bass-player: how cool is that?

I know Munster wanted the bonus point and I know why O’Gara kept kicking for the corner. But why couldn’t he just have whacked one penalty between the posts to make it safe, and then look for the four tries and the bonus point? Would that be too hard? Maybe it would. Anyway, that’s two good wins, back to back, against Cardiff, and we’re nicely set up for January, with Bourgoin away and Leicester in Limerick.

It’s looking all right so far.
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