Ratzo’s Leap

Here’s the moment when the Popehound jumped out my bedroom window. Caught on cctv.



Ratzo 2

Das papahund

Das papahundchen


Ratzo – First Blood

6 thoughts on “Ratzo’s Leap

  1. where’s my dissertation on the ionising radiation that is the alpha particle?
    I put a lot of effort into that.

  2. Yeah, but is he from Scunthorpe?

    The alpha particle is a helium nucleus right enough. Because it’s a commonly emitted particle under a lot of circumstances, it is thought to be a building block of the atom like the electron, proton, and neutron.
    Because of its mass, it’s not as penetrative, nor has it the range of the tiny electron or neutral neutron, but it carries a double positive charge and is therefore an ioniser. It leaves a trail of ions in it’s wake. If an alpha emitter was therefore brought into close contact with the body’s internal organs, by being swallowed and digested into the bloodstream, I imagine you’d be up the Swanney without a paddle and dressed as a Ku Klux Klan Wizard.

    Nice site.

  3. Dear God, man, do you think I’m made of iron?

    I have been up all night drinking liquor at Wrinkly Joe’s sprog’s wedding, and I am not a well individual.

    Thank you for the dissertation on alpha particles. As I suspected, it is an actual particle, and not one of these poofterish wave-things. I’d imagine that ionised guts would be a right pain in the arse.

  4. Ionised guts are a disgrace.
    FE says your picture is Klaus Barbi or someone.
    Remember all the trouble he caused making that fillum on the boat up the Zambesi? I saw a thing about it and didn’t he sink the boat in the end? Nutter.
    His daughter got off with Roman Polanski.
    Tess. That was it. Not the African thing the other one.

  5. Klaus is inestimable, better in Aguirre than Fitzcarraldo… both for his echt pal Werner H.

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