Scunthorpe United

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Dec 202006

Fucking Scunthorpe are really pissing me off now, the cunts. They lost 3-1 to fucking Blackpool last week when they had a chance to gain a further three points on the league leaders, and instead the stupid fuckers threw it away. It isn’t funny.

Well, actually, it is. It’s Scunthorpe United, when all is said and done, and what do you expect?

Anyhow, the fools are playing Millwall on Friday. Dunphy’s old club. The home of reasonableness. The home of inbred, dimwit, violent retards. I used to live near these gobshites, and I once got caught on a tube train with them. Once, and once only, let me tell you. Never ever again.

You can take it as a given that Irish Iron won’t be attending that match.

Now. The fucking eejits have thrown away a chance, but if they can beat Millwall (second from the bottom), they’ll put themselves back in second place. Hmmm. Not very encouraging. Bristol have Cheltenham, and shouldn’t encounter much difficulty there. Bollocks. The Scunts should have beaten Blackpool.

Nah, they’ve made a shit of it.

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    if u feel let down now then your in for some fuckin landing in the next few weeks,i support them donkeys years and i can tell you that you wouldn;t want to set your hopes too high this season.back um to lose against any longshot and thats the only way they won;t let you down.the only exciting time of their matches is the last 5 minutes,when they either turn into lions or fall asleep.they must have the record for scoring or conceding in the last 5 mins.


    gamblers dream when their flying high,wrexham 6-1 a while on the ball.

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