Good result for the Scunts tonight, beating Chesterfield 1-0. Sadly, Notts Forest also won, which leaves the table as it was.

Notts Forest 47 points, Scunthorpe 45.

How bad? The Scunts are second from the top of the table, which is unprecedented, and we’re looking at the Championship next year unless they go completely skaw-ways. Hardly a disastrous season so far, and they can still take top place, as Forest are only two points ahead.

Woo Hoo!

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our best season ever brother,but how many years have we been near the top of divisions at this time of year and ended up midtable.remember the old 4th div. we were like a kangeroo on strong dope trying to get out of it.this just feels like too much too soon for this old iron.

True enough. And we’d wonder about the January window too.

Do you think the Fish and Andy will move on?

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