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That Ipswich thing has to be disturbing, don’t you think? Murders of five girls by a sad, disturbed fucker. Or even two sad, disturbed fuckers.

Is there a stipulation in the contracts of reporters that they can’t have any education?

I love the reporting by Sky News. Giving you the facts as they emerge. Giving you the facts as we create them. What is it about TV reporters? Are they the most retarded people ever born? Do these people actually know nothing at all? I’d love to see a Sky News ad for reporter jobs.

Wanted. Complete retard. Must know fuck-all about anything whatever. Must look serious but be utterly stupid.

Come to think of it, RTE might consider hiring the rejects.

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I blame CNN and all their ‘breaking news’ during Gulf War one, like European capitals about to be bombed by Iraq, which were howlingly wrong.
Once they got away with that, it was free reign for all telly news hacks to spout any old nonsense based on supposition and get away with it.

Seabhcan: I’d switch to al-Jazeera, except I have only the poverty-channels.

JC: I think all tv journalists are required by law to know nothing about anything.

What bothered me was Sky’s repetitive use of the word “prostitute” to describe the murdered women, all in the same news report. Once would have been enough to give their occupations and thereafter they should have been simply described as women.

I get Al Jazeera on the internet. I threw out my TV about a year ago. Nothing but shite and ads on it. Anything important is on the web, and you can see highlights and the best programs on YouTube, Google Video or bittorrent.

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