American soldier jailed for Iraq murder

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Jan 272007

I see that an American soldier has been jailed in connection with the murder of three Iraqi civilians.

According to the Lancet, the prestigious British medical journal, 655,000 Iraqis have been killed since the American invasion in 2003. About 3,000 Americans have also been killed.

Do you see anyone going to jail for that?

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    They can have Cheney. And Bush. And Rumsfled. And every Senator who voted for that resolution.


    (Another one of your older posts that I came across accidently). Following the Abu Ghaib Prison actrocties, a number of US personel were in fact jailed — some say that they were scapegoated to cover up for even worse. The Army can escape a lot of responsibility sometimes as personel can only be convicted for abuses PROVEN. An historic example was the Nazi trials following WWII. Some of them were executed on the strenght of one or two proven murders even though it was known that thousands of victims were invoved. Another method that I believe is used is, what is called in the British Army, a sub-altern’s courtmartial: This is a completly illegal court, (kangaroo court), held secretly behind closed doors at night by officers who feel it is their duty to protect the regement’s honour by whatever means and make sure that what happens in the army stays in the army.

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