David Ervine 2

I received this post tonight and I’m presuming it’s genuine.

My name is Shane Ervine.

David is my Uncle (his brother William is my Grandfather), however we live in Australia.

I had only ever met David once when I was 15 when he visited Australia.

Thanks very much for the kind words, he was a man who did wrong, but whom seen what was right and tried to make up for it and correct himself. A true man of the people.

RIP Uncle.

I think Shane is genuine and I thank him for his response.

I repeat, from a previous post, that I had great respect for David Ervine, his uncle, and I’m sorry we lost him before his time. He was a good man.

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Agree that David Ervine was a good guy. However, if his brother William was the correspondent’s grandfather, surely that makes David RIP his great-uncle, not his uncle?



In response, David Ervine is indeed my “Great-Uncle”, but it’s just easier for me to say Uncle (as he is basically my Uncle after all) :)

My post was definitely genuine, as is this one. My myspace page has been included and you can see me in as genuine form as anyone.

Thanks again for the article.

Shane Ervine.

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