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Did America invade Iran?

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about this, but under international law, isn’t an embassy considered to be the soil of the state it represents? I think it is. In fact, I’m certain it is.

And furthermore, weren’t the Americans at pains to point out to us, after the hanging of Saddam, that Iraq is now a sovereign state, free to make its own decisions, which is why the Americans actually had nothing at all to do with whacking Saddam? Yes indeed, I seem to remember them saying such things.

Taking them at their word, this would mean that any embassies within the Iraqi frontiers are a matter for the Iraqis, and until the Iraqis say otherwise, are also foreign soil. Or so you would think anyway, if you listened to the American point of view.

Therefore – and please correct me if I’m wrong about this – by arresting the Iranian diplomats during the week, did the USA not use armed force to enter onto Iranian soil? And is that not, therefore, an invasion? Of course, I’m probably wrong: maybe it was just a surge.

No doubt somebody far smarter than me will come back and clear up my mistake for me.

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Yes, a very interesting question.
Maybe we just wanted dip a toe in, you know, to see how it goes over before the dive.

I say we because as an American I feel it is important to recognize that even though I disapprove of, and never supported the mess I still bear part responsibility and cannot separate myself from the actions of my country.

Thanks Justin.

Many Americans disapprove of GWB’s actions, but unfortunately, he is the elected leader of your country.

There’s a lot of jingoism out there. If you asked the average American how many people have been killed in Iraq, what do you reckon they’d say?

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