Munster vs Leicester (2)

Me: Well, I suppose you have to hand it to them.

Him: Yeah, they beat us all right.

Me: Yeah, they did.

Him: They killed us in the scrum.

Me: And in the lineout.

Him: Yeah. And they murdered our centres.

Me: Yeah. Halstead is a big loss.

Him: Yeah. And Quinlan.

Me: Oh yeah. Huge loss.

Him: Still, I suppose you have to hand it to Leicester.

Me: Yeah. Fair play to them. They beat us fair and square.

Him: Yeah. Fair play to them. No resentment. Fair play.

Me: Yeah. Respect.

Him: Yeah.

Me: Yeah.

Us: Bastards.

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where was the world reknowned 16th man on saturday? lets hope he wasn;t still moaning to anyone who would listen about the victory in Geneva.It;s over.The team tried their hearts out.We;re through.Build a bridge and get over it.

My recollection is final comment was “cunts” but then again the demon drink had taken hold by that time!

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