Munster vs Leicester

There’s been a lot of replies on the Heineken Cup and I need to acknowledge the comments of people.

I’m inclined to agree with Brendan about Leicester’s out-half position. Paul Burke is good news for Munster. Not only is he too old, but he’s ex-Munster, which is good psychologically for us, and also he’s one of those players who doesn’t want the ball. He’s afraid. I saw this in Twickenham two years ago when he was with Harlequins. All he wanted was to get rid of it when some Munster savage was charging at him.

That doesn’t mean, though, that Leicester won’t be up for it. They’re coming here needing to win, and if our guys get up to the sort of shit they were at on Sunday, we can forget it. What we need on Saturday is a horrible, ugly ten-man game with a beetle-browed low scoreline involving a zero result for the other side, and everybody walking off the pitch stained the same mud colour. Plus a bit of blood on them.

Most of all, leadership is needed this week. If Declan Kidney doesn’t send them out for a single training session, it won’t matter too much as long as he gives them direction. The guys need to be brought back into the fold because at the moment they’re acting like stupid Hollywood heroes and they need to stop. Barry Murphy and Ian Dowling need to settle down and stop the exhibition stuff and it’s up to the older players to settle them. Likewise, O’Gara needs to get with the programme and stop this ridiculous basketball shit he’s been doing lately. He needs to make the long kicks into the corners and pin them down. He can be a superstar all he likes after we win this.

I hope we field Jerry Flannery. He’ll be fit. What’s more, he’ll throw a straight ball and he’ll put in the big hits around the field. Unlike Frankie, he’ll even know where to go with the ball when he has it in his hand.

I haven’t heard what’s happening with Halstead but if he’s still out on Saturday, he’ll be a big loss. Admittedly, Larry Murphy is there, but still . . . all information gratefully accepted on this.

Apart from that, I have no more to say for the moment. You’ll be glad to know that I’ve secured my ticket but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get one for the Bullet yet. We’ll see what happens.

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i couldnt agree you more the up the jumper stuff,bugger the fancy tactic , get back to basics, we have all seen what can happen when you start getting all fancy , and we have suffered because of it , so i say, back to basics lets see some guts spilt lol

This game on saturday, methinks has a little more than just home game advantage at stake. The mess that was last week could not have come at a better time in the
scheme of things, theres always one blip, usually at the start of Munster’s season and it’s just as well that it was last week it happened. As has happened before it should galvanise the team into a 1/4 final state of mind. Anyway soooooo much will depend on the 16th mans frame of mind next saturday. If they turn up like for Sale and Gloucester and Leinster last season then It will lift everything, if we turn up like we did for Cardiff then there could be trouble auld stock.

We are however noted for doing things the hard way, Bring the Digitalis…… and the smelling salts, you’ll be able to walk from the stand to the popular side on the atmosphere…….

Far as I know, Halstead is out, and the latest is that they’ll have Ian Humphreys.

Shouldn’t matter though; I mean Leo f*cking Cullen (not a bad player or anything but….) gets his game for Leicester.

If Martin Johnson was dead, he’d turn in his grave.

It was a surreal experience – nothing new there then. I was very worried when the team started behaving like the people we drink with Bock. Attempting to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, like some kind of Greek tradgedy. Break away tries, knockdowns unbelieveable. Jimmy the vietnam vet sent me a text “Believe”, He was right.

P.S: When I say ‘Munster lad’ I mean a guy from Munster who’d have a few club connections.

Not a squad member or anything!

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