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Jan 222007

Wrinkly Joe sent me the Songun Blog. Is this mad or what? It has to go on the list.

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    I like. Very much. The Great Leader awaits me in the land of milk and honey.



    I laughed so much reading the post about Idiots, Religious lunatics and the war on terror that I had to vote for you on the spot, I witnessed the stupidity of airport security first hand in LAX on a stopover when I was joining a ship in NZ, all the passengers were herded off the plane like prospective suicide bombers to a transit cage, all the guards looked like less intelligent versions of GW himself (his portrayal in the slightly biased North Korean blog is hilarious BTW) some of the passengers were US vets from WW2 and they kicked up fuck that they couldn’t go out to the main concourse, didn’t matter they were pushed back with arrogance and disdain, thanks for saving us from Hitler my arse.
    Anyway Bock you can put me up on your Blogroll now seeing and all that I voted for ya! Cheers Tim


    But Tim, how could I do that? You have no web-site.


    he does bock, is hidden amidst his username


    My mistake. For that I suppose Tim has to go up on the old list. I must start organising it a bit though. It’s getting very cumbersome.

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